Gluten Free Bread Simple Recipes – Avocado Toast 5 ways (Vegan + Healthy)

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Super easy recipes for gluten-free bread. These are foolproof recipes for tasty and healthy bread that is free of gluten and refined ingredients. All are naturally gluten-free, yeast free, vegan, oil-free and xanthan gum free. A gluten-free flour blend is not used here – just whole seeds without any flour. Inexpensive and budget friendly.

Full Printable Recipes

Basic recipes that can be adjusted how you like to add more flavours such as sundried tomatoes, olives and herbs.

I hope you like one or all five of these gluten-free breads. Let me know how you get on or ask any questions that you like!

coconut butter recipe –

coconut butter video recipe –

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Cristina Perales says:

Would it be possible to add baking soda to all those recipes? I like fluffy textures.
Planning to do a couple of them this week. Maybe lentils and oat first.

Vilma Bock says:

Your channel is AMAZING! 💞
Thanks, I just found it. 😉

Stephanie Treasure says:

One last question: do you have a recipe for a green plantain bread? I have heard that this is a gluten-free option as well.

Stephanie Treasure says:

Can any of these be used as a Pizza base?

Stephanie Treasure says:

What variations of ingredients can you use for the oat bread to make it more of a sweet bread as opposed to savory?

Stephanie Treasure says:

What alternatives can you recommend to have with these breads than avocado?

ab den says:

They all look delicious! Great job 👏

Nest and Glow says:

Another quick round up and commentary, what one of these recipes will you make first?

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