Gluten Free Croissants

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150ml mleka
150ml vode
1 kašičica kvasca
1 kašika šećera
1 kašičica so
50g putera
500g brašna

+250g putera
1 žumance
1 kašičica vode

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1911 daniii says:

thank you soo much, thought i wont be able to enjoy these anymore. looks amazing 🧡🧡🧡

Maria Gil de Sagredo says:

Hello, please can u tell us with is the mix of flours are in your packet, that it will infinitely, and also sometimes the packet use flours and something else to help….thank you🙏

pattriciapatino says:

Hi, I made them today. Great flavor and texture. However mine burned a little. I did set the oven on 450F for 30 minutes. Suggestions???

Kimberly C says:

Any chance you could convert grams to cups for us in the United States?

danawolf18 says:

For everyone asking and for future reference. She posted in a comment below that she used Schar gluten free Mix B flour.

Gwen Ward says:

What brand of gluten free flour do you use? I mainly ask because I suspect different brands us different ingredients and proportions, which may react differently to yeast and other levaners. I have king Arthur Flour's gluten free version, but I haven't experimented enough to confidently use it in recepies that aren't made for it.

Iva Ivo says:

Bravooo ☺

Jacqueline Weening says:

Hi, What type of yeast are you using? I am unsure if I should use instant yeast or active dry yeast. Thanks

Auset Luceus says:

Yeast is cross reactive and acts as gluten in the bodies of people with autoimmune diseases.

Souad Travel says:

Where i can find schar mix ??? Plz

Sara The Persian GoddeSs says:

I believe time and effort is the key to any successful task ,therefore, the majority of people want everything quick and easy and do not want to contribute their precious time. I’m generally a busy person but I would say this recipe is on top of my list. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. 😋😼

Angelina Trotter says:

Finally a gluten free recipe. Thank you so much. I make Croissants for the holidays but I couldn't find recipe for gluten free. My 2 year old granddaughter cant have gluten. I am going to do a test run soon. Thanks so very much.

CleverEwe says:

I have been craving these for years! Thank you so much for this very helpful video.

rat milk says:

does yeast not create gluten?

O L says:

So one folding results 3 layers. To get 27 layers I need to fold it 9 times? Or you meant to do the folding 27 times? Thanks :)

Sinnergism says:

Don't worry. That you used gluten-free flour was obvious … to anyone with half a brain!

skojo3e says:

Those look good!!

Celine Ikeler says:

What kind of gluten free flour are you using? Thanks!

TheClongonaKiller 2016 says:

Swapping normal flour with gluten free flour in a recipe dosnt work

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