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HOMEMADE pizza this week. Lot’s of yummy favorites too!

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***We hope this vlog will help you gain some inspiration to cook healthy meals for your family! Although we realize everyone has a different food budget, our purpose of filming our dinners each night is to inspire you in the kitchen so that you can adapt our meal ideas to fit YOUR budget! Please note that we are a paleo, gluten free, dairy free family.

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★Friday- Pizza

★Saturday – Pork Carnitas and Corn.

★Sunday – Spinach Artichoke Chicken and Green Beans.

★Monday – Leftover Spinach Artichoke Chicken and Green Beans.

★Wednesday – Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli.

**Due to paid subscription we are unable to give you the direct link to recipes. If interested to purchase you can find the recipes in the paleo section.

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Jennifer S says:

Hope you are all feeling better!

Jennifer S says:

Love your dinner vlogs! They are the best.

hulda2002 says:

I have a question I'm wondering about. How long to have a sinking fund (maximum time)? For example: my child is 1yo should I start a sinking fund for braces for 156 months (13 years)?

OGGgirl says:

" You food freaks" – anotherJosh-ism! Hope you all fel better soon and permanently!

Nan Lauber says:

Hi guys! 😎 Awesome recipes again…Beautiful!!! ❤ Thxfs…have a good one.🌻

Ellen.plans says:

Feel better soon!

Mamofone Teen says:

You know I love how you guys eat but the baby food sweet potatoes 😱🤢ha ha ha ha! What?! Hope everyone is feeling much better and the girls are settled back into school. 👍

Nancy Lynn says:

Dude I hope you guys feel better because I feel like boo-boo magoo!
Is the worst sickness ever!
First it was laryngitis then situs infection and then a ear infection that is viral and that no anabiotic‘s could touch my ear is totally plugged and has been plugged for almost 2 weeks I feel like I’m underwater and I’ve been hit by a bus!
I hope you guys feel better and I love your videos at all your food good night

Tyreese 259 Joyner says:

great video. A quadruple A plus for you.

DeAnne says:

Get well soon❤️

DeAnne says:

Recipe for sweet potato baby food like recipe please

DeAnne says:

Recipe for spinach artichoke chicken please

Cookie Lu says:

love your videos, but this time you made me motion sick lol.

ashley bailie says:

The pizza looked great xxxx

Unstoppable Goddess says:

Thanks y’all! Menu ideas are very much appreciated! ☮️

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