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My son has autism so he eats a gluten free and sugar free diet. It works well to control some of the negative behaviors that can come with autism. He’s not always gluten free, and when he does go off his diet, we can definitely tell. Our entire family eats gluten free. I am on a ketogenic low carb diet and will share recipes with you, so keep an eye out for those, and subscribe to our channel.
New Videos WEEKLY! Please SUBSCRIBE! What you will find on the FoolyCooked channel: Low carb recipes, gluten free recipes, sugar free recipes, cooking with kids, quick meal ideas, gluten free and sugar free meal ideas for toddlers and kids, reviews, tutorials, cleaning videos, cooking videos, lifestyle videos, organizing the home videos, and videos about organization in general. I want to not just organize, but tell you how I organize everything from my kitchen to my closets. This is my home and lifestyle channel, so welcome to it and I hope you leave a comment to let me know you were here!

We use an organic stevia that does NOT have a bitter aftertaste. We also use non-GMO Xylitol for our baking recipes. These “Special Ingredients” can be found on Amazon here:
Better Stevia:
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Buckwheat Flour:
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Andrea & Hadar
Yehuda 75/38
Arad, Israel

My other channels are: FoolyLiving where we daily vlog and upload every single day; and ineedmorelives which is my health and weight loss lifestyle channel. On this channel you will see recipe videos, recipes, how to cook, kitchen tips, easy recipe because I hate to cook, gluten free, sugar free, low carb and ketogenic meal ideas, meal planning, and meals of the week. I will also be doing different tutorial videos and speed cleaning videos. I plan to be doing organizing videos to help you get organized. First I need to organize my life. I am a stay at home mother with three kids and two are still at home. I have an adult son, a toddler son, and a newborn baby girl. My husband is in the Military and we live in Israel, so I will show you a bit of military life overseas. Please subscribe and Stay tuned!

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Jamie Crisp says:

I would of had mashed potatoes with that chicken and spinach. It all looks good though. :)

Christina B. says:

Yikes the sugar amount here in the us will make you sick. 80 grams is the Nornal. Even simple things like tomato sauce for spaghetti has 14 grams.

Becky Stokes says:

Hadar you are a talented cook too!

Becky Stokes says:

Andrea, I would love your chocolate pudding recipe and also your chicken curry. You are such a talented chef!

HM Warrior says:

I'm enjoying watching videos from all of you channels. I also have a son who has Autism and He too is on a gluten free diet as well as dairy free and he has a few other food allergies/intolerences as well. My oldest son is mildly on the Autism spectrum and for both boys I follow the Feingold diet which helps with behaviour and health issues. My youngest has come a long way since going gluten and dairy free, but still has a way to go. '
I have been on a very strict ketogenic diet for nearly a year now and have lost some weight and am finally getting my health back.
I love your videos, they're helpful in so many ways. If you have Facebook, I would love to have you as a friend on there.

Brandi Hudman says:

Can you share your peas, beef and gravy and drop biscuit recipe?

X says:

This is what happens when you fall asleep with auto play on….

Debbie Ostrowski says:

Love to have recipes on your salads, especially the one for Rafael.

Sunrise HealthMed LLC says:

Hi, what do you use to make your gf pancakes? Love your cooking channel

aldale says:

Lol at the intro! Love.

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