Gluten-Free Pasta | Basics with Babish

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Today, for our gluten-intolerant/averse friends, we’re taking a look at the most life-affirming of foods: pasta. With the help of kitchen producer Kendall Beach, we’ve got a gluten-free fresh pasta recipe that tastes, looks, feels, smells, and sounds like the real thing!


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NRG Ltwrkr says:

I prefer the Jovial brand to Pasta Joy. It is amazing in every way and I cannot recommend it highly enough. But I am so happy that you are doing gluten-free episodes! There are so many of us out here that really have to search to find flavorful and well-made gluten-free products, and making them sure would be a big help. Thank you!

Bo Ca says:

Lol, what took me two years of cooking and baking Babish does in one episode. Literally use the same recipe for my Fiance's GF pastas. Although for her mac'n'cheese I make penne and use a touch of arrowroot starch to give it a springy texture.

Kinomora says:

I would love love love to see more gluten-free episodes please!

Rey Candraditya says:

more gluten free dairy free content pls

margaux williams says:

Can you pleeease do GF pizza dough? Naples style

Michelle Holloway says:

Vegan gluten free pizza one!

Levis H says:

I just wonder if you can make flour out of rice and mix it with corn flour as well.

maybe the outcome would be much better.

bethetroubleyouwant says:

Do Candy Pie by The Aquabats

bras tree says:

adding a bit of fine ground chickpea flour or whey protein powder would help give even better results , since gluten is a protein

Destiny irus says:

Suggestions to make a video for gluten free deserts πŸ™πŸ»

Destiny irus says:

I love that someone with a big cooking channel finally made a gluten free video πŸ™πŸ» been gluten free for so many years & I miss pasta & donuts the most thanks for the video

ThatVaultGirl 101 says:

Pleaaaaaaase do more gluten free ones! I was diagnosed with celiacs 12 years ago so I'm just starting to voyage into baking and making my own gluten free versions of popular foods I miss.

Sub says:

gluten is an empty calorie anyway, people should be trying this just to try it lol

Zaiqa Gluten Free says:

It's a great Pasta recipe. Thank you for awesome work.

Andrea Feucht says:

Everything about this makes me happy…. EXCEPT: ounces??? If the viewer can measure ounces they can sure as heck measure grams, the only way I think about cooking measurements.

Nabilah Yazid says:

Need to have a GFF night soon

Heather Austin says:

Are we gonna talk about that garlic slicer? That was a fun gadget!

Chels R says:

Thank you so much for this i’m gluten free and never attempted to make gf pasta. I will now!

Yikes On Bikes says:

discovered a few months ago that gluten makes me sicker than a dog. this video is a LIFESAVER.

lumberjack 717 says:

Ive been diagnosed with ciliac for four years now and have always loved watching your videos but for the most part couldn't do them but with this I can finally do some of them and also it makes me really happy to see you doing this

Screw Mau says:

simple solution:

don’t be glucose intolerant:))

this, is a joke. jokes are not real. jokes are meant to be funny.

Tyler McCormick says:

My girlfriend has celiacs, and I showed this to her because I had never seen anyone even try to make it successfully. Thank you.

Gabrielle Elaine says:

i have a gluten allergy and this is so helpful

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