Gluten Free Recipes and Tips for Moms

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So many moms are cutting gluten out of their diets for health and wellness. Friend and mom blogger, Brianne Manz ( is one of them. We’ve got a family-friendly gluten free recipe to share and a tip for how to live with gluten. It’s called Glutagest.

What is Glutagest®? Glutagest is a specially formulated probiotic capsule that helps support your digestion of foods that contain gluten. Find out more here

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Jo-Lynne Shane says:

I'm about 95% gluten free, and I haven't heard of Glutagest. I really need to try this. I've been getting some gluten here and there while traveling, and I'm really starting to feel it. Bleh. It would be great to have something that helps me digest it better.

TheMomCreative says:

so great!

whitney wingerd says:

Looks great for people with a gluten intolerance!  Very hand to have especially when traveling!

Jenny On the Spot says:

I've not heard of Glutagest before!

Brianne Manz (Stroller In The City) says:

Had the best time making this video!

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