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TWO simple (and very fun to make) versions of gluten-free and vegan dumplings. Your choice of Mixed Vegetable or a Spinach and Tofu filling. (Or just make both…) Round up your friends and get ready to have a dumpling PARTAY!!


#VeganDumplings #餃子 #GlutenFreeDumplings #Dumplings #Vegan

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Linda Lowther says:

I made this today. I dont understand how yours are not breaking when you fold them. I kneaded the dough a lot but they still cracked open. Eventually, I made the dumplings by using one circle for the top and one for the bottom…there were still some cracks but it worked. They tasted amazing – even my mom liked them and she is very picky. I wonder if addition of some kind of gum would help make the dough pliable…not sure. You are very talented!

Kirayni says:

I see it and I can’t believe it, a gluten free dough that does not break? How?? I’ve even done chuño(tapioca gum basically) to help my mother so the dough has some elasticity and it’s always a mess and the dough nevertheless cracks and ugh. I have wanted to do some gyozas for the longest time to show her how it tastes and I think this might work!

AssassinXain says:

I've gotta make this. Ever since my guts rebelled against gluten I haven't eaten potstickers.

Mowgli Mowgli says:

What is your gluten free flour made out of?

Roksanda Kosmajac says:

Do you have GMO's to look out for such as veggies, grains, or fruits in Australia??…as we do in the Unites States…HORRORS every DAY they are adding new GMO's such as Okra, Yucca to the list… You should probably have 1.000.000 Subscribers> You are that good!

The GF Hub says:

Hey, I was just making up this weeks edition of The GF Hub – Weekend Bulletin. The focus is on gluten-free Asian. I love this video and your quirky sense of humour so I've loaded it to my site and sending the link to your youtube channel out to my subscribers. Thanks for an amazing video. Check it out here – you've inspired a new channel for gluten-free cooking. Would love to show more if your videos if your keen? Regards, Jodie.

Lucía Quirós says:

Love it! Thank you! I will do the recipe tomorrow for my gluten-free hungry niece! Lol… I love your edits! Greetings from Costa Rica

leahjoy09 says:

This failed spectacularly for us. Ended up having to throw the dough out and order food for dinner. It just crumbled – couldn't wrap anything with it. Not sure where we went wrong :-/

Soely Echevarria Chuco says:

Finally doing my dumplings!Thanks for the incredible recipe✌︎

SerpentLight213 says:

Complete respect but you would be perfect as Louise in a live action version of Bob`s Burgers!

Jen Jena says:

Just made this for my boyfriend, they were delicious. Thanks a lot for this recipe. Greetings from Italy!! :)

Jordan Droxford says:

I was wondering whats the diameter of the round cookie cutter you used?

Alfreda Makhal says:

It turned out so delicious.. Thanks for the video.❤ But how much should be the quantity of white rice flour and tapioca starch?

Donna McKinney says:

Where did you purchase your rolling dowel?

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