Gnocchi with gorganzola – Italian Recipes – UKTV Food

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Follow this gnocchi recipe to create perfect potato pasta from scratch with Giorgio Locatelli. You can print the ingredients and instructions from http://ukt…

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sunshine2049 says:

Tie your hair back, it’s a mess in the kitchen 

dishfun99 says:

potatoe bite ahahhahahahah!!!!!! i love you giorgio u r too funny!! XD

Nairb Leahcim Ocnalbetnom Ocnalbetnom-Acragí says:

I love gnocchi!!!

N3CR1S says:

@herbsmanherbs Everyone saying they dont like electric stoves have aparentl
not thought about the fact that those can be improved, while a gas stove
can not be improved. Watch this video about the “william” stove before
replying: watch?v=IK5TODEDhQ4

John Smith says:

Induction hob, not electric.

kiwiz wiz says:


Raisthlin Dom says:

@Aeshmauniversus your both wrong. On a history basis. Gnocchi are from from
mi-east italy. They were first iontroduced during the roman empire era.
Adding potatoes to the mix also came from mid-east italy

raven1234 says:

Look at that chunk of gorgonzola!! I want to have that!

Ariane Thompson says:

mmmmmmm gnocchi!

snakeling22 says:

Can somebody tell me why my gnocchi dough came out so soft? This guy’s
gnocchi seem hard and manageable, mine were like mashed potatoes, very
soft. I boiled the potatoes with the skin on so I don’t think it’s too much
water. Any suggestions are welcome!

Arnella Alyssa says:

this guy’s voice entertains me

Kevin Leung-Lo says:

fantastic videos!

zenaku Aruba says:

gnocchi, my favorite food :) this guy is very good.

castorel says:

what he actually did with the potatoes—>he put it inside the oven to dry
out the water excess! some of the chefs are roasting the potatoes(skin on)
in the oven for more softer gnocchi :)

Nikolas Zivanas says:

the guys is quite fun!

Choppini says:

Today I finally made the gnocchi but I altered the sauce a bit. I roasted a
little bit of finely chopped garlic, powdered with flour, then added the
cream, the blue cheese, a tny bit of nutmeg and a hand full coarsly chopped
spinach. It was soooo good

agh668 says:

why does he indent them all with a fork?

guitarplayer988 says:

i love the accent!

kar77ful says:

too much flour

sandiegomarino says:

what is the name of the herb he put on the end?

Waristha Nimtrakul says:


BTNHarmony18 says:

“1 eggs” i love it. your recipe looks awesome dude, just ordered my potato
ricer as we speak.

dan32113 says:

@3riikuhhh it should taste of potato, but slightly like a dumpling aswell.
About 1/3rd flour to the amount of potato. So for example, 10oz (275g) of
spud to 3 1/2oz (95g) flour, mix with a bit of egg & add whole one if
needed, then just add a little more flour if it is too sticky! This recipe
is just a rough example.

Joe Lowe says:

so 1 killo = 2.2#ish pot, and 400g powder= 14.25 oz

cobrabubbles22 says:

Wait…Potato Bite? Did he say Potato Bite? I haven’t had too much
experience with potatoes in my life, but I am fairly sure that they don’t

giannibed says:

@sandiegomarino secondo me è erba cipollina

3riikuhhh says:

Can anyone answer this? PLEASE! because this is he first time I made this
is and is this suppose to taste like flour ? :(

malayrojak says:

Looks like Chives – someone please correct me if im wrong

dudefrombelgium says:

Lol anyone who dislikes this video has serious issues with themself and the

Epicx1984 says:

Forget the starch rules, add some Parmesan it tastes better and helps them
stick together

magicme .meme says:


dan32113 says:

@agh668 i think it helps the gnocchi absorb the sauce better!

lov2aclr8 says:

just found out hes name Giorgio Locatelli turns out he is a TV cheff. thats
why its so much fun to listen to him. and he knows his food as well. GREAT

giannibed says:

do you have gorgonzola in UK? In Spain I could hardly find parmiggiano.
Anyway…is gorgOnzola, not gorgAnzola

snakeling22 says:

@KateMondor Thanks for the tip!:)

hellonyc7 says:

“And just..bang them together” LOL

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