Gordon Ramsay – Stuffed courgette rolls

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Gordon`s Stuffed courgette rolls.
This video is posted for educational and training purposes.

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slubert says:

I guess there is a rule to roasting pine nuts.. dont make tv content.. those look good but they are burned

Sternmayer666 says:

My fucking ricotta is too fucking runny.

Rosangkimi PB says:

and drown in olive oil once again

Elsa&lisa says:

Nice recipe. Except for the slightly over toasted pine nuts.:)

Schmoozequeen says:

VEGANIZE it with tofu ricotta and chopped spinach

Andrea QUIA says:

What other seed could we use?

The Queen of My Home Auntie Nina Lopez says:

Loved it!

sharad pillai says:

He never grilled courgettes… It's rawww

Lana E Shaw says:

Looks delicious and fun.. I am going to give it a try…

Crimsondust says:

Can I use peanuts?

Bill Kay says:

Chef every recipe of yours I have enjoyed, but to be honest the stuffed courgette rolls were a big let down. While they look good, the taste is simply unspectacular. Sorry, can't recommend this one. Keep up the good work.

JD Worx says:

Who he talking too?

Breadman Gaming says:

I bet if Gordon served that in his restaurant it would be a £15 starter but you would only get 5 of them

JustWatching2 says:

oil on the pan i thought would be ok but then on top !
oil on top oil on bottom a fat sandwich! …
He then he mentioned super fat cheese and adds fatty oil in to it!
he has a FAT rolls seasoned with basil, zucchini or cucumbers and burned pine nuts

kamran muhammad says:

Chef Gordon you should know very well never put oil in to cheese and put gelafes when you are on tv please Kamran raziq

Xavier Melisse says:

much more difficult to do than it seems. Courgette must be thin (check your peeler), courgette better be straight (or it will have a preference for rolling direction. then the ricotta cream, you really need to wipe it to the right texture, otherwise it will mix with the oil of the courgette and slip out. Technique is everything here.

Kris A Lasky says:

Thanks that looks amazing!!!!

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