Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Chicken Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay shows how to shake things up with these top chicken recipes.
Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course – http://amzn.to/2BzAud5
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JySpirit says:

I hope I can learn cooking from Gordon ramsay

Svetlana Pavlova says:

Stunning culinary skills, but why do you put a hot meat on a wooden board painted with toxic paint?

Mar Sauce says:

fuck me up! soooo good!

Mabel Luton says:

I wish i like chicken.

Ashmak Moon says:

Maa ki chut teri bhosdike khbhi india aake mil tujhe nanga nachaunga chikan ke saath

Vicky Victoria Jolina Modelling Iliaens says:

Now THAT is why I removed Jamie oily liver from my subscribed channels ! THIS is COOKING without too much , not too (unnecissary) overdone with all kinds of things that are first of all often expensive and secondly doesn't combine , Gordon knows how to combine unlike that oliver guy and also does he think about a normal amount of fats , other nutrition values and a flavour to go for in every recipe ! I got sick watching oliver , really I have so spitted my guts this time because I was DONE with those NONSENS ! rubbish-cooking and the guy calls frozen cauliflower combined with blended broccoli(frozen bag too ) with like a jar of almonds a " low budget cooking !!!! " wtf haha ! almonds are expensive on their own , secondly fresh broccoli,and any other kale-ish veg is cheaper if fresh , probably due to the fact its not yet chopped and cleaned and is a bit of work , he does the opposite and ofcourse what else than just a normal GORGEOUS bechamelsauce? hah the dude has to put cheese in everything it touches , guess he would even put it in his ears and other wholes behind those cameras , that aint cooking what jamie does , no that is ruining the flavours of a certain recipe and many people including my mother make such mistakes ! ! but here we got GORDON !!! o yes he knows for sure if u d make a bechamelsauce there is no need for cheese as he knows how to make it taste perfect like it is ! Gordon , I value you sincerely by your being down to earth , good combinations , perfect dishes to make (and too bad too wash LOL ) with just teaching us not to go overboard with a certain ingredient that makes one or more ingredients (in olivers case the entire dish but whatever -_- dumb ) just ruin your recipe , you know so well how much to use of each ingredient and it might take more work indeed but I love this as many no longer cook for real as they buy pre-prepped meals , pre-cut veg , meat etc and you show how simple , fun , heartwarming and delicious those effords are worth it ! THANK YOU !!!!!!!

king james488 says:

I don't think an olive would make a very good awl…

GlasSkorpion says:

He puts triple the amount of spices I use and I’m Arab 😦

LEvi Howard says:

I am all ways excited about

Dear Gordon Ramsey

Watching food network. And food network star and. Etc love to cook foods with you

Do you Remember Tom Marshall Jr

Devin M says:

Gordon is the man!

scott12at says:

Drinking game: Take a shot every time Jack says "nice!"

Corey Lumpkins says:

Lol..Why did that chicken leg still have hair on it..

brent stratton says:

make sure the pan is well oiled to aid in scraping all these dishes into the garbage. chicken is the first ingredient in my dogs food for a reason

Dre807k Jones says:

I need smell-o-vision!!!!

Saswata Maitra says:


MrHotDoGzz says:

More like Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Salt and Pepper Recipes.

Tywanna Grice says:

And SEASON? I thought everything he added was season?

cavemandan1000 says:

I'm getting motion sickness from the closeups.

Kevin Perez says:

180 degrees Celsius????

Jane-Ann Armstrong says:

Pickled celery.. that would be yummy in a Ceaser!

Bhogpati Baboo says:

Too much zoomed..hurts me eyes

lé troll says:

His voice is so satisfying 😂😂

Alfonso González Rodríguez says:

1st clip worst camera angles ever

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