Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Fish Recipes

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Gordon showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our favorite fish recipes from the archive. We hope you enjoy!
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yugoxgc says:

5:43 I mean not like I know any better but that looks more like a salad than sauce to me

Elias Kristoffersen says:

Grocery stream rescue nkefiu lady perception reading collapse episode prove doubt plant tongue.

Christine Shoukralla says:

you are killing me man. you are so talented.

Fergus McLean says:

“Leave the skin and scales on, the skin protects the flesh from getting too salty.”
salts the flesh

2222 2222 says:

0:40 salt bae

Sebastian Polish says:

Every time he said peanuts it sounded like penis, I chuckled like a prepubescent kid.

Sardrellas says:

My fish is slimy and wet. I want you to put my fish in your mouth. You deserve some good omega 3 meat. Slippery tentacles sometimes rip my body in half. I need help. Please give me the sauce.

Greater_Cheese says:

Jamie Oliver: Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Recipes

Shah Ahmed says:

Screen onions? 😳

Milton2k says:

Some ppl have laughed at me when I splash oil over eggs/fish……now I don't feel so bad about it.

Milton2k says:

I prefer almonds over peanuts though.

Milton2k says:

Man I really hate lemon in ANY recipe……I just skip is usually.

Milton2k says:

Cool, some ratio for the recipe!!!!

jacky ricaddoo says:

What model is that mortar and pestle?

Dwayne Johnson says:

Who saw something else on the thumbnail something else

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