Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Indian Dishes

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We found 5 of the best and most interesting Indian recipes from the channel, including some footage from Gordon’s time spent in India.
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Amit Budhraja says:

I think Gordon's cooking format is best meant for fusion lovers in UK. Mainly the white folks. This whole process of hurrying up and throwing the ingredients in the pan cannot be anyway related to authentic Indian cooking. For us it's all about the process and the time taken gradually…. with an eye for detail with each step. His 2 minute instant noodle style of cooking is just absurd.

Amit Budhraja says:

Dear Gordon, if you did go to India to learn about authentic Indian cuisines. Then the first thing they teach you is we Indians from any state and in any of our million and one cuisines do not use Olive oil as they typical/ traditional medium for cooking. Ever heard of authentic clarified butter/ ghee / mustard oil/ coconut oil ?

Jeshuran Paul says:

I'm Indian, but have never heard the ant dish in my life! Surely there are so many more better Indian dishes than an ant dish -_-

Proxima I says:

gordon ramsey vs wild

Lemon Squishy says:

I really, really, think this guy is the epitome of arrogance. His taste in food turns me off, just everything about him leaves me cold. I know, who cares right? Who the heck am I? It's just that there's so much talent, real talent and interesting people. Move over you arrogant prick who hasn't had anything fresh in years! Stop being a greedy money grubbing bastard and a media whore to boot! Old bastard still has an orgasm every time he sees his reflection in a mirror. His poor fucking wife! Jesus, there's
not enough money t make up for his arrogant mania. Fuck him. Next please!lol. That's what she should be saying his wife. Next!

fireshade10 says:

PORK, rarely do you see an indian restaurant with PORK!!!!!

Kenshin Pajanel says:

try filipino food too

Magnus “SungamSama” Viggen says:

Was his name Emptyass? the first guy

Shradha Bhat says:

was that masala dosa….the potato pancakes?

TheDatingLab says:

Everything looked so good

ariana persad says:

i want to meet Gordon Ramsay in life and challenge him to a roti making duel…

ace marquez says:

This is beautifull. No artificial flavor or any food enhancer just to make it delicious.

12345ryan54321 says:


Kid Chef says:

Abuos!! Ilocano ant caviar!!

Deepak Nallaswamy says:

Last dish is overdone, turmeric is a strong spice. Adding so much will taste horrible. same for mustard seeds. Even pan cakes could have been lighter in colour.

Dprkr1 says:

2:30 Ramsay smells his awful breath

Travis Heinze says:

Where meat is hard to come by? I can't wait until they start saying that ants are hard to come by.

jason johnson says:

that disgusting Indian translator not only bullshitting about his grandads age but wiping his dripping fucking nose with just his hand every two minutes. fuck that..

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