Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Pork Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay shows off his top 5 pork recipes.
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk
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j2uazon83 says:

I tried out the Pork chop with the red bell peppers and red onion. Amazing! I didn't know I could cook like that. Granted I burned everything to a crisp but the pizzas I ordered was good!

j2uazon83 says:

I can't cook so I'll stick with cereal…..

RedBeard 140 says:

I want to live at ramsays house

Daniel Ryan says:

are we talking celcius of farhenheit

Andy Guthrie says:

Wounded if Chef Ramsey knows that a shitty beer commercial proceeds this video. Shitty beer for sure

Ramngaihzuala Pachuau says:

No need of complicating pork its already delicious, but its just my opinion….hehe……

Adam Wiens says:

“Don’t give the recipe to your boyfriend” broadcasts the recipe on YouTube and national television

AlexL1m says:

thanks gordon i love pork! :)

moose greychin says:


moose greychin says:


Brandon WUuuu says:

Am I the only one satisfied seeing Gordon Ramsay cook

Nealie Anderson says:

Amazing chef

Hunter Germain says:

Can you make renditions of these dishes that don’t involve sugar. Like damn sugar isn’t supposed to be a big part of our diet. I want strictly savory

Justin Pierce says:

Gordon Ramsay, you just blew my mind with how to break down a bell pepper. Jesus Christ, so simple and easy. I lost a piece of my thumb to a mandolin because of a green pepper.

Mozata says:

Olive Oil

Biracial_bella says:

Is that your daughter? She's so lucky

Biracial_bella says:

Gordon you are the best. Love your recipes. Never have all the ingredients you have on hand but one day….lol

Anirban Roy says:

170 pigs disliked the video 😂

SupportTheCauseTV says:

When she squeezed that garlic…. wow…. i had a sense of Gushing, Squirting so satisfying

Contractor says:

the salad is R A W

lovesthebass says:

The family meals at the Ramsay household must be awesome.

Jithin Jacob says:

Is the temp in C or F?

Edson Fowler says:

How many daughter‘ hair have in your recipes??

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