Gordon Ramsay’s Top Fish Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay demonstrates some delicious ways to cook fish.

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Claudio Iovine says:

Fish and bacon… no way!!!
Basil?? Shouldn't you use parsley???

Incredible Eli says:

The camera man just finished watching an avengers movie

Jason Green says:

This man is a wizard

Derrick Du says:

Whoaaah frozen peas

alen lalic says:

This stuff may look delicious but it's not healthy necessarily

When u have fish u gotta use citrus or lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and try to use good quality tomato sauce and some spices or natural seasonings that are solely plant based and have no other ingredients

That's all u need, u don't need butter or bacon or parmesan or wine or some unhealthy stuff like that.

Kryckmongot says:

2:19 absolutely beautiful…..SMACK!

Kryckmongot says:

this cut-in robotic voice is killing me XDXD sounds so aggresive

Just Game says:


R Cabral says:

I feel like the knife did all the work in these fish dishes.

Rj Prevendido says:

Man he really loves olive oil

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