Greek Style Braised Lamb with potatoes in a Tomato Sauce (All in one pot!)

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αρνί κοκκινιστό

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Alieu Mbowe says:

Reminds of my days in Greece keep up the good work, kaliyoreksi.

Mellie Moss says:

Dimitra all you do is what I do, loved loved your cooking , you are just the best of all cooks,cause you make real food , not like new cooks put sugar on everything ,plus thousands of spices ,your food is with real known spices and keep it simple

E Walker says:

Thank you. I had this years ago but could never find the recipe. I will use less water. Cannot wait to try it.

Blacklace NYC says:

Looks delish!
A friend of mine gave
me a frozen package of
LAMB Stew.
I'm going to make
Lamb Stew tomorrow
for the first time ☺
Thank you for this video.

Eva Kratochvilova says:

When you put oregano?

haruko oyama says:

First time I hear of a cinnamon stick being put into a stew and the flavor was amazing. Thank you!

Kristian Brown says:

Can u do it without the cinnamon stick I got cinnamon tho

Malcolm Lewis says:

You might co sided an Ebook calls “Feeding a big crowd- The Greek Way.”

Shahdad Kian39 says:

Efxaristo poli 👏👏👏👏👏🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Gobind Rawat says:

Fake American cook.

Monica Bitch says:

i love your recipes .

michal blekotam says:

This is perfect dish!

George Georges says:

this is good Bravo.

George Georges says:

this is not greek Agapimou

Nabila Harris says:

hi…do you add oregano?

Naeem Ayub says:

Lovely. So into anything with a nice meaty gravy or stock these days :)

Maz 1973 says:

Great recipe. I shall definitely give this a go. And I'm sure I'll be making it during the winter too. It's perfect for that time.

shakeel ali says:

Very delicious dishes and a great style of cooking

Toot King says:

Thanks looks delicious will be trying soon keep up the good work

Toot King says:

Hi Dimitra can you tell me if the lamb is boneless?

Mary yiamarelos says:

I made this after seeing yours and I added cinnamon which I haven't used before. Very interesting flavour achieved.

Steven Christophersen says:

Oh man this looks absolutely amazing!!! I can't wait to try this!!!

Tabris Hayayi says:

"Smells like my childhood"

Exactly how I felt when I had this haha

Hellenic Sunshine says:

Thank You!!!Looks Great!!

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