Green Chile Chicken Enchilads Recipe-Sauce-How To Cook-Mexican Food Recipes

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Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Recipe @ How To Make Enchiladas-Mexican Food Recipes

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Gentle man says:

Happy to see an Asian face love and enjoy Mexican food like me and my family.

god563616 says:

This is the Cutest ever pis this music is fabulous! Definitely subbing!!

SyntheticLTD says:

This video always helps, thanks for the upload! I’ll be enjoying some enchiladas later today! Thanks!

Tomb Raver says:

Making these for Jeopardy night with my aunt and dad haha can't wait!

Locastoner 420 says:

I was taught to do it a different way but i am most def. Trying this recipe tonight! I cant wait! Thanks for sharing!!

Face Life says:

great video I'm going directly from this video for Sat party I just love how much patient you have easy teacher

j Love says:

love how Zen she is when she cooks ❤

L D. says:

Looks SO good! Only change I would make is to use Mozzarella cheese.

Abelardo Ybanez says:

that's funny my mom only needs half this ingredients an still makes bombast enchiladas

Meera Sawant says:

I tried your recipe. They turned out to be AMAZING!!

Dave McBroom says:

I was looking for new chili verde ideas. I never thought of green chili enchiladas. Great idea! thanx!

NoOrdinaryGirl28 says:

love you're video. Thank you for sharing. I will be trying this recipe for my nephews birthday bash.

Austen Williams says:

welp ill be trying this soon

Darius McCullough says:

Where did you buy your plates?

Dave Ledo says:

Oh Great…now I'm hungry LOL! 😛

diaze says:

great video! say im only making 10, do i still leave them in for 30 mins :)!?

Ashley Lynn says:

Just made this recipe, it's currently in the oven! I substituted to whole wheat tortilla and I added mushroom to my onion n garlic sauté ! I can't wait to eat it!! Awesome video and recipe

Water tree says:

This looks amazing!

don hill says:

VERY nice recipe Mai ! !
I've used it several times . I substitute my slow cooked BBQ pork shoulder . 
Jalapenos for the cilantro. and Pepperjack inside the enchiladas
I love it Spicy . so adding some Habanero. caution required . but it's Fantastic ! !

Khôi Kookie says:

Vietnamese ???

yokattube says:

I am going to make these tonight but make my own green sauce – very nice recipe – I like that you have other ingredients in with the chicken. Thank you!

Diana Rostran says:

dont you just love this lady?! ♡

Sandy hernandez says:

Very impressive👌🏼😋

Leslie Reario says:

I like how you do your Enchilada so much flavor excellent .. every time I made this is always a blockbuster .. Thanks for sharing…

Hana Asrat says:

wow It look good. I am going to make it now.

Jessica McLeod says:

I made these tonight. They were excellent. I forgot to save some cilantro for garnish.

Aquanita McClaney says:

Yours is the BEST video if for no other reason than your background music rocks!!!!!  And yes, those enchiladas look scrumptious!

Malcolm6627 says:

Crap, it's late at nite and now I'm starving!  Good video!

pac man says:

You are so adorable and nice recipe.

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