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Corn on the Grill | Grilling Corn on the Cob

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To grill corn on the cob you don’t need to shuck it or remove the silks. Just get a medium fire and place your corn – in the husk – straight on the grill grate. You will jut allow the corn to cook – right in the husk – on the grill for about 15 minutes. You will know it’s done when the corn husk is browned and dry.

Then you can remove the corn on the cob from the grill – it will be hot so be careful. You use a sharp knife and cut the end of the corn off then remove the husk and silks really easily. Your grilled corn on the cob is ready to eat then – jut add a little butter and salt if you like.

But for this grilled corn on the cob recipe, I decided to do my take on a Mexican style street corn. Once I remove the grilled corn on the cob from the grill and remove the shuck and silks, I apply a layer of mayo, a sprinkle of Cojita cheese (a Mexican style parmesan cheese). Then sprinkle some Tajin seasoning, squirt of lime and a little finely diced cilantro. And that is how you make grilled Mexican street corn.

This grilled corn recipe is simple and easy for cooking corn on the grill.

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Kuato Lives says:

Hell yes making this in a few hours 🍻👍🏼

Gerardo Galaviz says:

that's the exactly way for a Mexican street style flavor !!!!

Broward County says:

i use mayo lea ann perrins mustard ketchup and grinded mozarella that you use for spaghetti

Elyrocks 2010 says:

You forgot the butter and the lemon pepper. Traditional Mexican street corn does not have cilantro.

Bradley Kent says:

can you use an oven instead of a bbqer

Donald Erickson says:

Could you use butter instead of the mayo?

Toronto Ont says:

that,looks so awesome…what other mexican street food vids?

undeadomar1 says:

OW does anybody else hear that ringing?


wwow sir an awesome  treat. I grew up in east los angeles and this was an old time favorite it was a dollar back in the day dut I think they were steamed but I like the flavor of the grilled husks on the corn. I will need to do this one for old times. thz

Mario G. says:

You nailed it Malcolm. I'm definitely making some this weekend. Keep them videos coming!

buk283 says:

damn, you got it man!! one thing you could do too is instead of cutting the husks, peel them back to use as a handle.

Je P says:

I was always told to soak the corn in husk overnight in water….

gustavo urdaneta says:

mmm… sounds goods bro

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