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Grilled Fish | Spicy Grilled Fish | Pan Grilled Fish | Grill Fish Recipe | Grill Fish in pan | Grilled Fish without Oven | Pan Grilled Fish Fillet | Fish Grill

Ingredients for Grilled Fish:

– Fish fillets – 4 (total of 300-350 gms.)

1st marinade:
– Salt- 1/2 tsp
– Crushed peppercorns- 1/2 tsp
– Juice of 1/2 small lemon

2nd marinade:
– Red Chilli flakes-1 tsp
– Dark soy sauce- 1 tsp
– Red Chilli Sauce- 2 tbsp
– Garlic, finely chopped- 1 tbsp
– Refined oil- 2 tbsp

– Marinate the fish fillets with the 1st marinade. Mix well and set aside for around 10 mins.
– Fine chop the garlic and prepare the sauce mix for the 2nd marinade.
– Spread the 2nd marinade evenly on both sides of the fish fillets.
– Set aside for 30 mins.

– Process:
– Preheat the grill pan and brush the grill pan with 1 tsp oil.
– Place the fish fillets side by side and grill on medium heat for 2 mins.
– Turn over the fish fillets and put rest of marinade on top. Grill the other side for 2 mins on medium heat.
– Flip the fillets again and reduce heat to low, basting the fillets with the oil/marinade on the grill pan and grilling it for 2 mins.
– Repeat the same on the other side again for 2 mins on low heat.

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Line's Vlog says:

I feel hungry watching this video of yours. Kakatakam yong fish. Sarap tingnan.

Cafee taffee says:

Sussy bakas are eatable

Raghav Kohli says:

Can refined oil be skipped? Or is there any other alternative to adding oil?

Gorithalace Peach says:

I'm trying this today
I have all the ingredients 🤤

(Just brought fish after seeing this a few hours ago🙈)

Koustav De says:

Which fish to use for fillets??

Kamrul Hasan says:

Eta ki oven e kora possible

Laban510 says:

This looks really delicious, I nearly ate my screen 😀

1toomany says:

can specify which fish

Zumie's Kitchen says:

Thank you for sharing recipe is amazing ,stay connected 👍

digesh udyawar says:

Is the fish used in the recipe is basa by any chance?

Kids Play TV says:

I made this today! Quite good recipe! But It wasn’t juicy inside

Julio Defreitas says:

Yummy. Thank you for sharing your recipe 👍💚

Sonia Dsouza says:

Mouth watering….will try today for dinner 🥰🥰

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