Grilled Rib Eye Cap

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Best part of the ribeye… Weber grilled then pan fried with a triple stuffed double baked potato

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L Wisby says:

Oh my, I am drooling. I know this was out of this world delicious.

R L says:

Great looking steak and twice baked JB ! 👍

Beowulf says:

Awesome JB!!

I'm Charming says:

That bread is Brazilian steak house cheese bread?

TheCommenter7 says:

That would be cajun bread, bread cooked in cajunland. I don't actually know..

Ken Alexanderstein says:

Yorkshire puddin!

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

Very best cut on the whole Dam COW BOY!! $20 per lb is a great price for a cap. I have seen it over $100 per lb(wagyu)

Wendy Melendez says:

That rib eye looks scrumptious and the three times stuffed potatoes 🥔 to die for delicious

1WickedAngel1 says:

Looks delicious 👅 💦 boy!! Having you in the kitchen would be a dream!! Take care boy!! 💙

Irene Retired says:

I'm on my way to join you for dinner.

Alex Paulson says:

Looks wonderful! I must say I failed the smock test with the bread but it looks very fluffy and moist! Yum!
Thanks for sharing JB!

Mike Kenner says:

Mr. JB, did you quit drinking "pop", never see you doin that anymore?

Smoked Midwest BBQ says:

And a YUM!! Looks delicious!

Bob Ogus says:

Fend for yourself while the wife’s away meal is a TV dinner, not an upscale steakhouse with all the fixings. 😆

cayogator says:

The best part of a rib-eye ! better than the 'eye' another good vid !

Michael Belle says:

Yum yum 😋

Psyop 6 says:

Great timing, have a cap in freezer and was debating on cook method. Thanks

Minorca Home Solutions says:

Congrats on 50k , seems like I've been watching for years oh wait I have 🤣 good job 👍

EH CBunny says:

Where are your veggies? While the wife is away the diet will stray.

Tim Jackson says:

Dammit boy……. looks good!!!

Robbie White says:

Hey boy! You get that at Rouses?

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