Grilled Stuffed Chicken Burrito – chicken burrito – mexican recipe – healthy recipe – dinner recipes

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This recipe is my own take on one of my favorite menu items from the Taco Bell Menu. The Grilled Stuffed Chicken Burrito is absolutely delicious and my favorite version of a chicken burrito. I am a huge fan of mexican recipes and try to make as many videos of them as I can for you guys, since their ingredients are fairly easy to find and can be made into healthy recipes.

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Carla Lizette says:

i tried this and it came out great ! thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipe!

Jesse Sanchez says:

isn't that called a taco.

LCbabyxO says:

yummy thanks for sharing this. I saved this to my recipe playlist.

Zachary Newton says:

I'm trying to find a good meal to make for my family and I think I found it, I just wish there wasn't the grill part. lol Maybe I can get my dad to do it. Food looks good!

Scooby Snacks says:

beautiful job it looks great

CreamFreshCream says:

It looks awesome! Definitely going to try this!

karen quick says:

Wow, this looks like a meal fit for a king!! Thank you so much and you are so inspiring!! My husband would love this too! I'm finding all your videos and writing down the recipes. I love your healthy cooking and eating!!

Food Recipes by Taj Kitchen says:

Wow th looks DeLiCiOuS👍

Derp Potato says:

Honestly, more people need to know you! It is surprising how few subs you have. Great recipe!

Chop Happy says:

This looks great and so much better for you than fast food!

TheWolfePit says:

Oh yeah I'd hammer that! Nice work brother!

Krazie Maniak says:

instead of paprika use habanero cubes makes it spicy and give it color too

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Beautiful Chicken Burritos!! 🌯🌯🌯

Krazie Maniak says:

that's a wrap 😂

Headchefmom Kendall Lawrence says:

I really like this a lot!

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

that looks really good. the chicken looked perfect

Jonny MacGinty says:

Excellent !!! could you recommend a way to cook the rice like that but without a rice cooker please ? or can i just follow the same steps ? thanks

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