Grilling Salmon- Fantastic Recipe 2014

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Eric shows his favorite salmon recipe on the grill with his kids. How to Grill Salmon. Cooking Fish on the grill. Salmon Recipes. Quick cooking tips. Grillin…

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Billy Gochanour says:

Looks goood dude

Eric Haataja says:

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mojsmg says:

Great recipe Eric, I’m going to give a try, thanks.

lyubakavideo says:

+Eric Haataja as always great video, just a side note from a person that
works on bodies all the time, got to be really careful with lemon and lime
when exposed to sun (especially for your little helpers) the citrus juice
and acid lime specifically will cause very unpleasant topical burns if not
cleaned off timely. Keep up the great work! 

Alex LaPointe says:

Great recipe! Looks very good
Keep up the good videos 

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