Gulf Coast Seafood Platter (recipes)

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In this video I show you how to prepare a fried seafood platter, just as it is done up and down the southern states along the Gulf of Mexico! Growing up, my …

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countroshculla says:

One of the best looking seafood platters I have ever seen. Drool!

ogpdub says:

Looks ridiculously good and perfect! You more than earned a sub! Btw, is
that parsley you garnish over the food?

malatrex says:

Oooooh! YOU DID THAT! Thank you for a great video and absolutely
scrumdelicious looking seafood!
Subbing right now.

Rathamany Sin says:

God danm that looks really good!!!!!

Jay Kong says:

This is some good cooking

Farah Joseph says:

man i miss America people in Canada don’t eat good like this i am deff
going to make this and i can’t wait to come back home 

Brandon Johnson says:
Chris Rox says:

Nice trout… it’s gotta be over 20″

TheMonica82 says:

Wow, mouth watering! Thanks for sharing ;-)

NevadaBrad says:

looks good but do you really trust seafood from the gulf you live ther not

Ms Kimlo says:


Rob Metzger says:

I’m loving that deep fryer! It kicks some serious but!

jimmy pop says:

Ha Ha. Yep, makes total sense. The fried seafood (dipped in cocktail and/or
tartar sauce) just can’t be beat but it’s still damn good cooked up a
little healthier. Heck, we ain’t teenagers anymore. Just subbed your
channel a few weeks ago. Great stuff. Keep em coming!

Smoky Ribs says:

Thanks man! Living in south Louisiana, you are no stranger to this kinda
eating or cooking! I think we have the best food in the world right here on
the coast! I would not trade it for anything :)

Pitmaster X says:

Oh forgot Thumbs up every one this is SUPERLISIOUS!!!

Smoky Ribs says:

Thank you Karen :)

MsChopperdog says:

Cool fryer! Awesome meal. You made me so hungry,

TheFileSharersRedux says:

This all looked incredible. But those shrimp made my mouth water

Smoky Ribs says:

Thank you :) It was too good, lol! I bout busted my belly 😉

Smoky Ribs says:

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! First time to use this deep fryer,
and I’m really liking it! I will only use it on big family cooks like this
one. It holds 4 gallons of oil, and not really cost effective for smaller
cooks. I wish I would have had this a few years ago, when we had our family
reunion! I fried 50 pounds of shrimp on a electric home style deep fryer,

Avxes says:

Brother this is the best home platter ive ever seen…its 11 at night and
im soooo tempted to go and fry!

Smoky Ribs says:

That is for sure! He wasn’t getting my fish! Not this time 😉

Slippery Chicken BBQ says:

That fryer sure does the trick everything looked incredible. I sure do miss
the fresh seafood when I lived on the coast. Great cook Rus.

Smoky Ribs says:

Thanks Manuel! I just had some left overs, lol 😉

Smoky Ribs says:

Lol! I don’t blame you since all you have are fish sticks, lol! Thank you
for watching and commenting :)

GrillingAndSmoking says:

Man Russ that was a feast. Awesome video.

Smoky Ribs says:

Thank you so much! Sal sent me that Abita Mardi Gras Bock awhile back, and
I’ve been saving it for this cook :)

Food Porn Network says:

Great looking meal and that fryer is killer! Looks very well built,
stainless? Guess you cant show it more because of tastemades rules? Where
did you buy it from?

Mark Taylor says:

Russ, as usual great job. What brand of fryer, and also how do you keep
everything warm without turning mushy while your frying all those batches?
P.S You are my hero…lol.

Smoky Ribs says:

Thank you, and you seen what I went for first lol! My son and his family
came over to eat, and he just about busted his belly filling up on those
shrimp, lol

Smoky Ribs says:

There isn’t very much that I would put above a great seafood platter, if
anything :)

Vlad122982 says:

That’s a lot of shrimp and a lot of determination :)

Vlad122982 says:

DAAAMMMNNNN !!! That feast looked so good that I’ve made up my mind to save
the money to buy a big deep-fryer like that one. Great Vid man :)

Smoky Ribs says:

Thanks K-Ray! I appreciate it brother! Yeah, I’m loving that Bayou Classic
deep fryer :)

Smoky Ribs says:

Thanks Joe! I know you can appreciate our great seafood here on the Gulf
Coast! It just don’t get any better!

Michael's Home Cooking says:

What a feast, would love some of that fish and oysters for realz!

QuinnEssentials says:

Yes sir that’s how we do it down here in South Mississippi!

Smoky Ribs says:

Yep, but it sure was worth the effort :)

Terry Lyle says:

This is pretty close to heaven for me.

Smoky Ribs says:

I kind of went over how it works in the video, but the unit is made by
Bayou Classic. This model is the 700-701 four gallon bayou fryer made of
all stainless steel. There is a lot more information online, on their

Smoky Ribs says:

Thanks Micah, and yeah, I cooked up a pile of this goodness yesterday!

Tom's Test Kitchen says:

That’s awesome Rus, I love that outdoor deep fryer rig you have there.

Kathy T says:

My My My that sure made me hungry Rus. I remember so many trips to get
seafood platters on the coast. Yours looks delicious!! Good ole Good ole :)

michael landry says:

My mom is the true southerner, I was only born there. I was raised a yankee

Smoky Ribs says:

Lol Randy! You have a great way with words my friend! I use that Jiffy box
for one thing only, and you seen it, lol! My 3rd wife, ummm, wait a minute,
was it my 3rd or 2nd? Oh, it was my 2nd wife. She made the best hushpuppies
that I have ever eaten, and she did them with the Jiffy, and she would
never give me her recipe! This is not her recipe, but close. I will
eventually figure out just how she did hers, lol! I’ve eaten Zatarain’s
fish fry all my life. Good Stuff! Thanks Randy! :)

John Solak says:

Awesome looking meal and very cool fryer too!!!

KIRBBQ says:

BRUAHHH! that platter ain’t nothing but the truth!! That’s a neat little
cooker you have there.

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