Hash Browns – Hash Browned Potato Recipe – Classic Breakfast Potatoes

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Learn how to make Hash Browns! – Visit foodwishes.blogspot.com for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 675 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Hash Browns recipe!

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tse ring tibet says:

thanks ur sharing

pugwawa911 says:

You make awesome recipes! Haha I love the way you eat your eggs :) Breaking the yolk and spreading it all over the top. Never thought of that. I always ate the white first and saved the yolk for last

godis imaginary says:

and he makes breakfast food look even better than it already is

godis imaginary says:

He makes all his recipes look so easy, tasty and doable even by amateurs….like me.

GuyJon57 says:

u have a happy friendly voice…

Raul Rodriguez says:

i have a question, is pepper a requirement to make Hash Browns. is that how traditionaly its made?

Tsoma1 says:

Why clarified butter? What does it do different than reg butter?

Adam Gellar says:

i loves me a little ketchup xD

niabcm19 says:

Do your arm hairs ever get in your food? I got a little scared at 1:04

JCSglobal says:


himee56 says:

My husband was soooooo happy to see the catsup! Just when I was winning the argument. Now he says “Chef John puts it on”! All progress in my anti-catsup battle has been lost. But thanks for the great vid anyway! We love you Chef John.

Shundi13 says:

Was that Scrapple i saw on the other side of the eggs?? Yum!!

Rafal Omnom says:

blasphemous ketchup usage won’t be forgotten…..

Firebird545454 says:

Do u need to use the butter for the hash brown or can u use cooking oil?

Hercules Rockefeller says:

I’ve tried to make hashbrowns ton of times trying different methods and variations, fresh potatoes, canned potatoes, refrigerated potatoes, frozen potatoes, they have never turned out very well. Until today, when I made them with this method. It was probably the rinsing part, I had never heard that before. They were excellent!

bruce666killer says:

I love you chef John your the best cooking instructor. “take that europeans”. Hahaha. Classic

Maria Otregano says:

Super video, thumbs up from Italy 😉

charles keeton says:

actually make some Frank’s Red Hot Ketchup?!..

marshalt says:

I like some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce with my hash browns.

Hattyboyz says:

omg this is so tasty

Hattyboyz says:

this is the best thanks so much

mybabyadrianna says:

“take that, european!” lol

angeldelight900 says:

Food video spree anyone?

Darielle Woods says:

i don’t know why but he makes laugh

christy406 says:

Every time I try and make hash browns it turns into a disaster. I will try this way and hopefully it works lol

Elias Barthel says:

It was morning man my brain wasn’t all together. ^_^ Yes though my astute sir they are indeed quite fried my apologies for the lollygag.

Ashley Anchester says:

Im currently sick, Im hungry but everything I eat makes me vomit…. I dont know why Im turtoring myself watching these delicious videos T.T

AWS137 says:

But these potatoes are fried potatoes…

KeiMaejor says:

Is it okay to just use pineapples instead of potato?

MrsDanceDoll says:

Oh, okay c:
Thanks! ^_^

Elias Barthel says:

God bless joyous and informative cooks. You have made it so my family gets to enjoy non fried potatoes in the morning! thank you!

engineerpete7 says:


drmarkchang says:


Ng Eswen says:

Why all long comments? :3 -.-

Robyn zOrz says:

I can’t wait to try this. It looks delicious, but my life goal is to figure out how to fry shredded hashbrowns like a restaurant, so they stay stringy, even though they are very well browned.
Damn, I need breakfast now!

Robyn zOrz says:

It could be a lot of things. Air exposure, not enough rinsing, kept too cold in storage, bruised, old. Try fresher potatoes. Use lots of water when grating them, so they aren’t exposed to the air. Rinse them extra well so there isn’t too much starch.

These are just thoughts!

Robyn zOrz says:

Water doesn’t mix well with frying, I think. And it would make them turn to mush as well. All the washing and drying helps take the starch out of them too, and that helps the taste and texture.

Swinktastic says:

I have to admit that random “take that europeans” at the end made me laugh…. put some ketchup on your hash browns… that’ll showem who’s boss.

adoresessy101 says:

I LOVE your, “…And as always, ENJOY,” line at the end.
It just makes the video THAT much more enjoyable, which you succeeded in XD

WagwanCiscoKid says:

Smoke as much weed as possible then you should fall asleep, then you can wake up with the munchie 😉

WagwanCiscoKid says:

I think people with eating disorders should watch this… not the fat kind but the skinny kind aha

MrsDanceDoll says:

If you are going to fry/heat up the potatos, why do you have to dry them so much? I’m not that good at cooking, so it would be awesome if someone could tell me! :3

lufthanza101 says:

that looks sooo good! guess what im making for breakfast tomorrow? 😀

sgknexmaker says:

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RawrWhxre says:

What’s your technique cooking your eggs like that?

MrKillerrellik2008 says:

I know exactly how you feel. I had insomnia for a couple of weeks and I used to watch Chef John’s video’s aswell

Angie Chanster says:

Looks like cheese

CouragesPusykat says:

Just because I’ve seen that canadian club commercial so many times I’m never going to buy it

Nutt Liquir says:

2:34 I came

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