Healthy DESSERT Recipes (simple sweets) // Rachel Aust

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I LOVE FOOD, and even though I eat healthy I don’t believe you should deprive yourself of desserts, check these babies out.

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Harriett Obeng says:

the ice cream is so delicious , eating some right now!

Pascale Devalet says:

Oh dear im heart breaking😢 whatching you wasting all your strawberries.Just remove the green part. i really struggle to buy strawberry they are so expensive:((

Sophia Bakasa says:

i tried making coconut ice cream but this strawberry ice cream looks so much easier….. cant wait to try it out…… I would really like to try those mini apple pies…. do u have an alternative to cream cheese cuz i cant have that

Yanet Contreras says:

i love all ur videos…ur awesome…. love the music in this video…lol it's actually my ringtone

Amelia Stephens says:

Im gonna try all of em

Anemone Ngyese says:

Great recipe but may I suggest that the measurement been provide in the info box as it is sometimes difficult to hear, best to know which ingredient are need …..etc

coldaswinter2 says:

I want to try the sorbet!

Megan Landry says:

You are such an amazing youtuber rachel 💕

Carrie Miller says:

Definitely the ice cream and pie!

Jaqueline Freire says:

I feel like eating all of them =)

Diane Bishop says:

I've just been looking through the books and ERL12 recipes and everything looking for healthy things I can eat for dessert on days I'm trying not to eat chocolate. I'm DEFINITELY going to go get the missing ingredients for that strawberry ice cream tomorrow.

coolrockingstar A says:

these look do easy, so classy and soo good! will try them someday, thank you :)

bakjordan3 says:

I have to try that ice cream!

Erica says:

i love alllll

Taneisha Shuttlewood says:

Wouldn't natvia/stevia be worse than just ordinary sugar? I was told that sweeteners were worse than sugar because they're artificial.

Victoria D'Esposito says:

Can you use skyr instead of the greek yogurt? :)

tiarabvang says:

This is awesome! I need to eat healthier but I'm addicted to sugar. Thank you for these recipes.

Morgan L says:

Mm. Your meal prep videos make me hungry but this one made me salivate! Lol.
Yum yum! I'll first try the ice cream then the mini pies! So yummy.

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