Healthy Eating Guidelines : How to Turn a Regular Recipe Into a Low-Fat Recipe

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Using simple substitutes for butter, sugar and cheese, turn regular recipes into low-fat recipes. Find out how to turn a regular recipe into a low-fat recipe and with tips from an licensed dietitian in this free video on eating healthy.

Expert: Christine Marquette
Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

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bardoville says:

To get even healthier take a look at What Jennifer Cornbleet is doing on her raw food diet channel! It's magical:-)

TulipWife says: thats why I'm at your channel to find alternatives to eating like my DR wants me too. I have a husband and two teenage sons. and I want to live. I have noticed that cooking in the microwave eliminates all oil. what do you think of soy cheese? Is there fat in that at all?

TulipWife says:

My liver enzymes numbers are very high ,cholestero(bad)l numbers are very high and have been told that it could be a sign fatty liver disease. Soo..My DR has put me on a strict diet of no butter, cheese, milk, red meat, eggs (all dairy) no fast food or sugar. I guess we are eliminating to what is wrong with my liver..what is scary is that..medicine can't fix this and the worse case scenario..get a liver transplant. which mean I would be on a waiting list..and that means I could die waiting.

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