Healthy Mexican Meal Prep | Meal Prep Series!

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A little different than my usual videos, but here is a video on how to meal prep. All the recipes are Mexican inspired. Everything is super easy to make and just require some planning time to execute quickly. I love prepping on Sunday nights for my husband and I. I truly believe this is how we are able to stay on track for the week. Do you guys meal prep?

Glass Meal Prep Containers:

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One in Amelian says:

Hello new Rachel Ray! You’re just as charismatic but more interesting. I love your full lips btw. The close ups are really helpful especially with your VO over them. So professional!

Senor Frijol says:

Alas my search for healthy Mexican food continues 😭 because wtf is this shit 😂 i don’t think I’ll ever find it so it’s bland chicken breast for me…Atleast she linked those meal prep containers which is dope

Ashley Nunez says:

ground turkey
boiled chicken
boiled eggs
frozen berries

Maria 143 says:

Does anyone have macros for this meal prep? Looks super tasty

Ricardo Gonzalez says:

Do you have a link to the glass meal containers that you use?

Jessica Trejo says:

I- water with meat…… Chile Imma head out 😳

Jaxxxit says:

You should brown your meat in small batches that way you can get good Browning on the meat, looks tasty :)

Gabriela Toledo says:

Check out some of my yummy authentic Mexican recipes

Deborah Vasquez says:

Where were the glass meal prep containers from?

HimeGirl15 says:

Love this. Thank you so much

Naomi Arnold says:

I need to start meal prepping. It helps to save time and it stops me from going for bad food choices. Great video!

The Journey says:

Love Seattle love your style it is beautiful and the b roll shots are boss. I am a sucker for mexican so this is my kind of food!

Candace’s Corner says:

Omg ! I meal prep, however not like this. I will be trying this !!!!!!! Mexican food is delicious

What Angie Reads says:

What a great idea. I love Mexican food but it doesn't always sit well with me. Those dishes are everything where did you find them?? You are so great at this. Subbed for support and can't wait to watch your channel grow. I love Brussels sprouts but my hubby won't touch them or my kid lol. Can you come cook for me? This all looked so so good. I used to meal prep and shop proper maybe I will get back into that in the new year!

Bianca De La Rosa says:

Do you freeze any of them?

Engineered Baker says:

Forget meal prep, I need to do basic grocery 😂

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