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You guess have requested that I share more of my healthy recipes so here you go! This is my famous turkey chili recipe that I’ve perfected over the years making it my own! It is always a hit in our house. It’s an easy meal you can also make in a slow cooker if you want. It can also be whole 30 and paleo friendly! For this recipe..

You can visit my blog for the written version of this recipe!

Depending how this video goes, I’ll see if you guys want me to do more of these home cooked meals as a series here on my channel. If you like it comment below and tell me so I know!

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Shakalaka Bombastic says:

The guy is trying so hard to be funny. Pretty lame more than half the time. I feel like he’s not being himself

KimberGail says:

Yes please more recipes/vlogs!!!! We love it!!!!

Reshma Haresh says:

I loovvvvee this couple 😍😍😘😘

Minh Huynh says:

You guys are really blessed and blessings to many. click like even before watching your videos. God bless !

jasmine says:

you are so skinny <3

Sandra Tiffany says:

Please more Saz + Stevie recipes!!!!!

xDiamondAsh says:

Saz! This was sooo good! Thank you for sharing. Hope you do more recipes in the future! 😊

Niloo says:

I'm COMMITTED to getting on track with my eating and exercise in March so BBG and Turkey chili it is for me! 😀

Lizett Tucker says:

Yasss!!! Please do more recipes! The vibe you two bring to the kitchen is awesome! 😁👌💙

Viola Dagher says:

I am obsessed with y'alls vlogs ahahaha! Y'all's humor is HILARIOUS! Can't believe I didn't find y'all sooner SUBSCRIBED

oh and y'all are officially my favorite YouTubers!

Shouna Vue says:

Relationship goals.

Daniela Jimenez says:

Soo good!! Just made it

Kristina work says:

I love this couple omg. But honestly please go vegan. Christianity is all about compassion. Don't eat flesh of dead animals. They deserve to live just like you do. Xxx

mohmmed abdullah says:

What name of song

mohmmed abdullah says:

Are you from

silvana navarrete says:

You guys are genuinely hilarious !

tali says:

You guys are relationship/family goals!!! Love you Saz

Denise Lopez says:

Yes!!!! More cooking videos please!!! That onion slicer is amazing and I need it in my life!!!!👌🏼

Kathleen Sztropkalyi says:

Ugh Sazan U R SO pretty just a natural beauty my goodness 😊 Stevie is pretty handsome as well 😁 it’s no wonder Teenie is such a doll

Marline Harrold says:

Thanks for this. 💓

simberly_ says:

Lol stevie cracks me uppppp

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