Healthy Snack Ideas (Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free!)

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Hey everyone! Today we’re sharing some heathy paleo snack ideas :) These are all very simple ideas but we really believe the best (and healthiest) snacks aren’t complicated! Realistically, these are the kinds of snacks that we would be reaching for on a day-to-day basis.

Leave a comment below telling us what your favourite snacks are – we would love to hear! And don’t forget to thumbs up this video if you enjoyed :)

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

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Diana Zinni says:

what are some negative results of over-consuming nuts and nut butters?

Jannete Licea says:

Loved the snack ideas!!! Very convenient and on the go! I always do hard boiled eggs but I thought it was boring! But now I feel better about it! Thanks ladies!! ❤️

Tabitha Kelley says:

I was just thinking about that when I was making paleo strawberry breakfast cookies the other day…like if I was in nature, honey would be so rare to find and here I am adding 1/2 a cup! I like these ideas a lot.

Healthy Taste Of Life says:

It's so great that more and more people realize that modern wheat and dairy is not healthy anymore!👌👏

Tara P says:

My favorite snack is homemade trail mix. My favorite combination is plain popcorn that I popped on the stove, chocolate chips, Craisins, and walnuts. I also love sliced apples with nut butter.

Ana Larson says:

I had no idea how high the spraying was on berries. Cinnamon is good for the teeth and mouth, you can kill a a toothache along with clove. I love the food, sadly it is really hard to get around here, forget even finding quality food. Great tips, I will have to search more in the city and see what I can stock up on.

Alice Clements says:

wonderful! I love your channel.

Lisa Harris says:

A cup of broth is a good snack

pamela says:

can you be paleo and vegan if youre allergic to nuts?

Ayden King says:

Omg this is the channel I need I'm lactose intolerant and I am allergic to gluten and you guys have helped me so much bc I usually starve myself bc I can't eat anything (until I found u guys!)💚💚💚💚

Alice Solblom says:

In Norway we put shrimps with majo in a half avocado, with some lemon juice and it is sooo good;)

Amber S says:

This is great! I was looking for more healthy ways to have snacks and for dessert. I'm trying to eat more better and stay away from GMOs and gluten free. I like to heat apples in the microwave sometimes to make them softer for my teeth. Then put cinnamon. I will subscribe. I also like to make smoothies. My favorite is chopping apples then add a teaspoon of honey, tsp of cottage cheese, and one banana.

albino hedgehog says:

Really enjoying your vids! I eat a paleo-ish diet (i eat legumes aswell) and its great to get inspiration. Sometimes it seems like the only fun food vids on youtube are vegan, and that way of eating doesnt suit my body. Glad to find your channel! xx

Ann Parrish says:

Very god information! The pantry is so important to the diet.

Matthew Burley says:

Nudie coconut yogurt isn't paleo. It's thickened with cornflour.

HrdStylBby says:

Simple is better! Nice vid

TheOtherUnicorn says:

Recipes start at 3:35 :)

As Toronto says:

Excellent video! I learnt so much. Thank you.

Angelica Rimondi says:

How are you sisters? You look nothing alike?

Claudine Taylor says:

I don't see a lot of people eat fruit on paleo is it bad ?

Mark Risio says:

Awesome ideas!!!

Tamar says:

lovely…. id like to see more vids like this.. so helpful

Hamna says:

These are all great for me I am so glad I didn't see any nitrate-free processed meat or obscure paleo bars because they're impossible to find where I live. These are all available options I'll be integrating in my diet this uni year.
Also omg I love apples with cinnamon sprinkled on them!

Chelsea Davis says:

I'd like to thank you both for educating me throughout my paleo journey! Ive been eating paleo for a little over 2 weeks now. I've lost 8 lbs, and I have more energy to play with my kids. Most importantly, you've helped me become really aware of what I eat. I know that when I'm snacking on an avocado, I'm supplying my body with healthy fat that helps me stay focused. If I choose eggs, I'm getting my protein. I'm just starting, but you have been very inspiring! Thank you so much!

urbanade 32 says:

I love cutting zucchinis into circles then sautéing them with olive oil and adding salt and pepper!

Cee Jay says:

can you do a video on tips for losing weight on paleo?

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