Healthy Summer Drinks Stop Motion Compilation – 15 Refreshing Drinks!

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Chill out & stay cool in the heat with the BEST refreshing drinks for summer! In this compilation of healthy summer drinks (from our Summer Sips series), I’m sharing 15 DIY summer drinks that are all SO EASY to prepare. And, all of these healthy drinks are made with clean ingredients, low in sugar, and totally tasty!

You’ll find easy summer drink recipes of all kinds here: from healthy smoothies and fruit juice recipes, to homemade iced coffee and iced tea, and some of my favorite DIY Starbucks drinks for summer. I’ll also show you how to make summer drinks CLASSICS a little healthier, like how to make lemonade lower in sugar, how to make watermelon juice with NO sugar, as well as my VEGAN chocolate milkshake recipe!

Plus, a few health-ified versions of some of the BEST summer cocktails / mocktails – like how to make pina colada and peach Bellinis, and I’ll show you how to make sangria with fresh fruit! I’ve kept all of these refreshing summer drinks non-alcoholic and kid-friendly, but feel free to jazz them up however you like!

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RECIPES from this video:
► Healthy Homemade Lemonade
► Homemade Iced Tea
► Healthy Pina Colada (Virgin)
► Kiwi Refresher Juice
► Homemade Iced Coffee
► Homemade Healthy Sangria (Non-Alcoholic)
► Watermelon Wonder
► Iced Chai Tea Latte
► Virgin Peach Bellini
► Homemade Horchata Recipe
► Healthy Green Tea Frappuccino
► Vegan Chocolate Milkshake
► Smoothies: How-To (Base Recipe)
► Tropical Green Smoothie
► Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea & Lemonade

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Mind Over Munch says:

What’s your favorite summer drink?! Do you guys want more stop motion videos??!

Kristel Paguigan says:

Hello. small youtuber here!! Pls subscribe to my youtube Channel 😍

moomoo L says:

tell us the tea you use pls

Danielius Gežys says:

Wen life gives you lemons

Just A German says:

Sooo…keep in mind that sugar may have more sugar in it than sugar?

Kiki Higurashi says:

I love this

blissful whydontwe says:

tbh its 3am and I'm too tired to get out of bed to get water, thats why I'm here

Tlilticoatl Art says:

Also horchata needs evaporated milk :)

Tlilticoatl Art says:

what tea flavour i should use in the second recipe?

Angel Gaming says:

Anyone else got annoyed when she put the tea bag strings in to the water…😬😬😬I-

Meri Runok says:

12:41 Where is “Ahh”?

gayathri thangaraj says:

Awesome… 😍😍😍😍

Via Bar - Cocktails & Drinks says:

nice drinks! and nice video!! Thank you :):)

Brøøkłÿñ • says:

Why is there thumbs down this is great

Ashima Oza says:

These are so creative! I love the iced tea! Thank you for the recipes!

Pxxceful 89 says:

My go to lemonade recipe:
1 lemon
1 cup water
5 spoons sugar dissolved in water
You got your base
1 tsp salt
1 tbs cranberry juice
1 tsp honey
1 glass full of cold water

Ben Linda says:

What tea do you use for the sweet tea?

cominatrix says:

i love these ideas, but especially in the ones where you soak fruit, i always feel like im just wasting perfectly good fruit

Faith-xo says:

Bananas in pina colada??!?!?

Crystal Mae Asuncion says:

wow so cool

Elsie Dume says:

Did that wrist have silly bands?! That kind of made me happy lol

Daliana says:

For the horchata recipe, i use a different recipe. I put rice in a blender, pour milk in, and then put some cinnamon in (the cinnamon that is a powder in the bottles). Then, blend it and put it in a fridge to let it sit over night. The next day, you can add some sugar if you want, i add sugar, though. When you mix it, let the rice bits settle to the bottom. Then afterwards, it's ready.

Soriyah Stroman says:

I immediately made the pina colada, it was amazing

Rune Moon says:

what are the mesurements?????

My Gacha Life says:

I wonder how she did not throw up or feel sick after all those drinks?!?! 😂😜😱

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