Hearty Minestrone soup | Vegetarian recipe by crazy4veggie.com

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Count me in in the soup lover club. Especially when I heard something like “Minestrone soup” ;), I am always starving for this amazingly yummy Italian soup. Packed with vegetables, beans and pasta, this soup is one pot meal. Serve with toasted bread or garlic cheese bread and a green salad is the perfect way to enjoy this Italian classic soup. This is soup has fix days in my calendar. Once in 2-3 week, this soup must be cooking in my kitchen. Doesn’t matter what season is going on, I can’t hold myself to make this soup. The really good thing about this soup is its dam healthy packed with lots of veggies, fibers, carb. What else do you need???? Have full bowl of minestrone soup and your tummy will not ask anything more. What I really like about this soup is you can make it with your own way. Add any vegetables, pasta, beans and enjoy it with your way. This is dam versatile recipe which you enjoy it anytime.
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Recipe link of garlic cheese bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jolnFg9Ycf8
Recipe link three cheese of garlic bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBG5E3YxVgA
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Skeptic Fucker says:

Looks amazing!

Fostering Madness says:

Just had an amazing thick soup at a diner, and wanted to recreate it. Love your tip to blend a small amount of soup to use as a thickener! Thanks!

S Parch says:

I’m trying today. I’m very excited! Thank you.

Akansha Suri says:

Wow! It’s so healthy and fulfilling
Love you thanks so much !!

Summer A says:

Your passion for the soup is contagious!
Eat more soup!
Looks Delicious!
Thanks for Sharing!

Winta Berhane says:

I liked how you make the soup but please avoid metal spoon instead use wood made spoon .

Sue Medeiros says:

This recipe is so good…I will always go back to this one. Secret ingredient is fantastic!

Henry Johnson says:

THE ONLY BEANS I LIKE ARE NO BEANS AT ALL #vegetablesarentrealfood #wheredoyougetyourproteinfrom #justafad

Dayana D says:

What's the last thing she added?

1 ToLiveThroughIt says:

Thanks, it's a perfect recipe that I didn't even mess up!😁

Hetal Gandhi says:

Did you use the canned boiled kidney beans here or uncooked ones?

Jane EvanzZ says:

Your funny great job

Kamila Ali says:

Good job. Very yummy.

Elizabeth Mathews says:

Stop talking too much…that's boring…..and talk about the recipe…..

Jon Dante says:

What's that "secret ingredient" she put at the end?

Shasta Kanwar says:

Her english is hilarious…

Zakia Mahmood says:

Love the way u say tun-tuna 😂

Nikita Sampat says:

The magic part was she took some cooked soup into a blender and then she made a paste out of it which gave the soup a thick consistency that is mostly preferred by minestrone lovers.

Colette Mallory says:

Looks scrumptious

Jasmin Hernandez says:

Gave this recipe a try and it was delicious! The family loved it, thank you for this recipe. I will definitely be making this again 💞

Deysi M. says:

Thank you for this recipe, I just made it today for the first time and believe me I will be making it for now on. Its so delicious!! 😋

Thea Hallow says:

Great recipe and tutorial, it was sooo easy to follow your steps and the soup tasted amazinggggg ❤️

mitoku1412 says:

I'll have to try this! Thank you for the recipe!

Sue Medeiros says:

I loved your enthusiasm so infectious. I can't wait to try this!!!!

mama somalia says:

Wooow thanks 👌👌😛😛😚😗

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