Hella Yummy 5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes | that are actually filling!

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Products I used in my 5 Ingredient Vegan recipes:
• Arrowhead Mills, Organic Chickpeas
• Better Than Bouillon, Organic, Vegetable Base
• Bob’s Red Mill, Organic, Medium Grain Brown Rice
• Coconut Secret, Teriyaki Sauce, Coconut Aminos
• Eden Foods, Organic, Tamari Soy Sauce
• McCormick Gourmet, Organic, Ground Cumin
• Now Foods, Real Food, Organic Maple Syrup
• Thrive, Culinary Algae Oil
• Tiger Tiger, Simmer Sauce, Indonesian Satay
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Tasty & Easy says:

Wooooow compliments very nice recipe… see my channel tha Italian recipe… thanks

Kenzie Taylor says:

My husband and I cooked the first recipe (with the sweet potatoes) turned out so good! I would just suggest covering your sweet potatoes with foil while they cook or soaking them before hand because they were hard when they came out the oven. Once we covered them they were perfect!

Meli Mel says:

Those all look amazing. And to date, your recipe for that peach, cinnamon, spinach smoothie is by far my most favorite. Huge Mahalo's!!

prbycherylprice Price says:

I appreciate you showing how to prepare dishes! I need this visual! Blessings Sis!

Peaceofmind says:

The Teriyaki dish for starters.

Anita Turner says:

I am going to try red lentils first

Anita Turner says:

great ideas !!!I will have to try them…also get an instant pot,, makes cooking much faster.

Natosha withanO says:

Omg… 🤤

kneecole198 says:

The stuffed sweet potatoes look solo good!! I want to make them asap

GiovanniTampa says:

WOW! I would never have thought to combine cauliflower with garbanzo beans! I added the cilantro as well to my stuffed sweet pot's. Spectacular. A meal in one. Thanks – keep those recipes coming! BTW your book (pre-ordered) came earlier than expected. It's BEAUTIFUL, really high quality. I've tried only 6 recipes this far, each better than the last. You ARE amazing!

Sheila Broad says:

Soup. 💕 !!!

Nat V says:

New subscriber here all the way from Canada.. You inspire me so much! Funny how I have all the ingredients for the teryaki recipe (except the sauce) just laying there in my pantry and fridge! Definitely trying this! Keep up the good work!
ps: just finished eating your sweet potatoe and lentil chilli recipe and it's sooo delicious :) As a new vegan I never thought I would one day eat sweet potatoe another way than baked or boiled loool :)

Ravyn Stadick says:

I love this video!! We're in a little bit of a meal rut right now, and this totally inspired me for next week's menu!!

Bianca Fry says:

I just got your book! So excited to cook!

nccurlygirl says:

I'm not the biggest tofu fan, but I definitely want to try the 3rd recipe! Also, I love that you are doing recipes with little to no oil!

the arthur says:

what is your zodiac sign

Alice Gordezky says:

Do you know if the simmer sauce is gluten free? I have Celiac disease. Thanks

Vanessa Jackson says:

I love your book. I have already the coconut corn chowder, skillet cornbread and the happy hearts crab cakes they all were delicious. I plan on making trying the jackfruit jambalaya and the sorghum cornmeal waffles next but the stuff sweet potatoes will definitely try the stuffed sweet potatoes

CocinaJoann says:

wow that looks good!!

CD M says:

You love your sweet potatoes and cauliflower

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