Hickory plank smoked hamburger

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I used a 1/2 a hickory plank and cooked a burger on it using my Blaze Gas Grill

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Richie Ellison says:

Those burgers look good!

skoggit says:

Hey JB, never heard of the hickory planks. Going to have to get myself some of those for sure. The wood chip method also sounds interesting. Enjoyed the video! Stay Safe & Take Care!

Ng Shann says:

I have watching you since 10yrs ago. Love all your videos! 😊

Hey boys hey girls! ❤

Tango Joe says:

Hey JB, great heads up on the hickory plank. Never seen those, now I have to find some.
Good looking burger dude.

xity86 says:

Hey JB, you‘re my absolut God in grilling. Because of seeing your Videos back in 2009, i started smoking, because there were no other information available in Germany. Thx man🙏🙏🙏

MMII says:

My Mom wanted know how the Chef from Louisiana that I watch on YouTube was doing?

expertnmbbusinesses says:

Glad to see you back JB

Mr. Hankey says:

they sell grilling planks at my store. mainly for fish but for regular meat too. Cherrywood sounds amazing for a burger or steak. I love getting the cherrywood smoked bacon by Smithfield

JoeHell67 says:

JB showing us grilling technics! Good to see you back on YT, you look fit and healthy sir!

Joe from Germany

Sunset Aquatics says:

whats up my brother love your channel check mine

TheCommenter7 says:

More smoke more better

Jonathan Holler says:

Hey boy!! Miss you jb! Your the only reason I started cooking! Your food is always be the bomb! It'd be nice to come down to spring fling

triplextreme2 says:

Great to see you back JB. Burger looked great

#9 Toro says:

That burger looked fantastic! JB any chance you will make another video with the non-union camera guy of you actually cooking on the planks or chips?

John Blaze says:

What a treat man !

Mac M says:

Woo hoo! JB's back!! Great recipe idea.
Cook boy! Do it boy with vengeance! Youtube been missin you!

henry bob swillikers says:

Yeah Boy! JB got us a new vid! It's going to be a good weekend!

Gloria Henderson says:



Future Dictator Of Detroit says:

Hey jb been a while since you made a video

JonWashburn says:

Hey there J.B. Nice looking burger at the end.

Andre Patterson says:

He JB my friend 💯💪🏾

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