HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

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Please do not count macros or calories (unless you need to for specific health reasons). The measurements and macros in this video are just for your information and to show you that you can get protein on a vegan diet. Life is more than calculating macros, and after years of not doing it, adding it up for this video was exhausting haha. Eat what feels good for you and what makes you happy!

r e c i p e s

tlt sandwich // https://bit.ly/2KptSSJ
bbq tofu quinoa bowl // https://bit.ly/2vZO6iZ
protein oats // https://bit.ly/2I8TTru
lentil and walnut salad // https://bit.ly/2FxAjQ6
chilli con protein // https://bit.ly/2I4gd5w

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Madeleine Olivia says:

But where do you get your protein? I'm answering that question in today's recipe video! All of the ingredients for each recipe are listed in the description so check it out. ALSO please please don't count your macros! This video is not to tell you that you should be counting the amount of protein you're eating, or measuring anything out, this was purely done for your information to show how much protein you CAN get from plants. Eat intuitively and what makes you feel good, protein, carbs and fats included!

Prateek Singh Sengar says:

Boys cannot eat so much soyabean product as it increases estrogen levels

Luios luios says:

👍…………( wow ) 👈🇮🇳

hammockmonk says:

I'm about one year into vegan eating & having to accept that I can't digest soy properly. I'm so worried that I won't be able to continue this diet without tofu. Wish me luck, plant-powered friends.

Zackary Allam says:

Your man looks like Daniel Radcliffe ><
Also great vid thanks for the recipes :)

Ketie Esitashvili says:

I use wayyyy more mayo lol

Steve Smekar says:

If one is vegan… it begs the question "why so MUCH protein?'

Artur Sucila says:

A lot of protein in brokkoli 3 gr in 100gr. Nice video but a lot bullshit .

Life to Enjoyce says:

Hi Madeleine! This is so helpful! I unfortunately can't eat soy, so I'll be missing out on protein that is in tofu. So what would you recommend instead to get high protein?

sm457225 says:

I'm an Indian and a strict vegan.
I wonder how do you manage those carbs intakes and weight management of the body ?.
Could you pls elaborate.

Vickie Glore says:

It's only been a few days after becoming a vegetarian (for health reasons), I am already feel alot better! Also, these look awesome

Goofey ButReal says:

These recipes are fantastic! Thank so much for sharing.

Life & Death says:

Amazing but you cook with a high % of calories to my opinion.
Im looking for more protein meals to not loose muscle in a caloric deficient diet. And these kind of meals u propose seems that they low protein and very calories.
Maybe if i dont put all these things you put on the beginning? Thanks a lot !

archim3dis says:

just started vegan, but facing a huge issue. I kinda struggle to hit my macros without going too high in carbs or cal. I am on a diet right now, build up my muscles at a time with meat. still, I need my 2g of protein per kg –> 180g of protein at a max of 2500kcal per day to have a lean def. and remain muscle volume the best possible way. As I ve been through this build up and diet phase each year, I know what works best for me. lower in carbs and higher in fats.

Tyler Mills says:

Ha do we really need to see ur fave for this one my lord…

NyttNorge says:

You know what's a high protein meal? Meat. Please stop spreading this vegan madness, people are getting hurt. Gorillas are hindgut fermenters, and cows are ruminant, that's how they get protein and fat from plants. We, the humans, can't do that.

Ali Abbas says:

No soy pleaeeeease…it's so harmful especially for men

Ben Topia says:

Did you know mayo is made of eggs

Knoxii Nisara says:

the answer you are looking for is.

plants , plants are the ONLY thing that produce PROTEIN. animals DO NOT . no matter how hard you want it to be true.

K ashwin says:

You have used soya related products in almost 3 meals. The maximum amount of protein we can take through soya is 25-30gm. Too much soya consumption leads to increase in estrogen levels in men.
I would suggest you to remove 173 gm of protein through vegan meal and just keep high protein vegan meals.

denny patel says:

are you vegan ?

Crypwalk says:

Tofu. No. Soya mince. No.

Sophie Canare says:

kale, spirulina, muringa, tofu is not good just saying

MikeDrumsIt says:

You say that you shouldn't watch how much nutrients you are getting as a vegan. I disagree. I think it is of potentially the greatest importance to do so. No matter what you may think about how much you are getting, you need to be sure about protein, b12, omega 3 (DHAs especially), zinc, vitamin D etc. in your food. There are bad stories particularly about b12 deficiency. Be proud to be vegan, but be careful as well! Particuarly for those who do not have access to the variety of foods on display here.

Simple Me says:


Panarome says:

"voilà mon sandwich" ahahah I love when people speak my language ! Cheers

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