High-Protein Vegan Salad Recipes (20g+)

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Here are two healthy, hearty, and plant-based protein PACKED salads that are perfect for meal prep or a quick and easy lunch or dinner! Let me know if you’d like more videos like this in the comments below :)

* I do not personally count macros and/or calories and think everyone should eat intuitively, therefore I chose not to provide nutrition information for these recipes. I did, however, put the info in to an online calculator and each salad has over 20g of protein per serving!

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• Harvest Salad: https://frommybowl.com/simple-harvest-salad/
• Sesame Miso Dressing: https://frommybowl.com/sesame-miso-dressing/
* My Favorite Tahini: https://www.soomfoods.com/shop?utm_source=affiliate&utm_campaign=frommybowl
• Zucchini Noodle Salad: https://frommybowl.com/zucchini-noodle-salad-peanut-sauce/
• Easy Peanut Sauce: https://frommybowl.com/easy-peanut-sauce/

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Maria Ungard says:

please do a high protein meal prep, I need tons of help in the meal prep department. Thank you

Lauren Bennett says:

That tahini is 12 bucks a jar… siss..

Minimalist Vlogger says:

you are a queen and a powerhouse content creator and these recipes look amazing omg🤤

sparkletone1684 says:

That zoodle recipe looks great! I also live how you said it can be made the night before. I travel a LOT for work, and sometimes it’s hard to have a salad because they don’t hold up on the road. I would love to try this to take on a trip, and see how it works out. If it doesn’t, it still looks delicious, and I would like to try this! I’ve never had zucchini noodles, and have wanted to try them. Now I have at least one way to eat them. Thank you!

Emmit643 says:

Just made the zucchini noodle salad! It is soooo good! Thanks for the ideas. Going to make the harvest salad tomorrow!

Kelly Cannon says:

Yes please! Higher protein options!! I find getting enough protein sooooo difficult! Love your channel!

Lauren Oberlin says:

the zucchini noodle salad looks SO GOOD! at the very least I'll definitely be making that peanut sauce 😍


I'll like to try the second salad. One of this days I'll make it

Iva Quint says:

I need that shirt!!!!!!

Kim Clark says:

I would love some ideas for salads for groups that I can take camping where they will stay good for a few days in a cooler!

Blendologia UK Channel says:

Beautiful, love it 💚

Rehna Riyas says:

Both I like… ☺️😋 small query.. instead of miso paste plz any other choice…….

Jenna Whitlow says:

Would definitely love some higher protein meal prep since I’ve gotten into weight training!

Carolyn Elizabeth says:

Both look awesome!

Marissa Delaney says:

Yes please high protein! And I love the zucchini noodles one

Rachel says:

Please do more gluten and soy free meals!!

Keely Ann says:

Do you ever cook with Jack Fruit?

Hayde nada says:

Thanks! I didn't have all veggies for the noodle salad and it still was reaaally tasty with the peanut dressing. And also it was quick and easy. I'll be making it again for sure

Allison Bristow says:

I’d love more high protein content! I’ve been working out a lot this summer and have found I need to up my protein intake.

Elizabeth Gastelo says:

Both look bomb!

WestlyLaw says:

Looks good! Thank you for the recipes!🌱

Victoria Previtt says:

Lots of good texture is key to a delicious salad. Thanks for sharing these easy healthy recipes!

ajade91 says:

These look so good!!! Excited to try these!

pmontidel says:

These both look amazing!!

Zana Serdar says:

The best salad dressings I've found are hommus and vegan mayonnaise!! Life changing 🙌

Misch B. says:

But where'd the shirt come from?? Lol

Dani says:

I have to make the peanut zucchini noodle salad ASAP, it looks bomb!!

Shruthi K Nair says:

The dressings are complicated

Anikó Tímea Herczeg says:

I would love to see more high protein possibly kids friendly meals!

Camila Sotil says:

I love your recipes but you always say “some” “some” and not actual measurements this is why I never make them! Specially with dressings you just can’t be guessing

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