Homemade Almond Joy Candy Recipe – Copycat Recipes

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The Almond Joy bar is a classic chocolate candy, and this video recipe, one of the best chocolate candy recipes around, shows you how to make a version at ho…

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ravenoptima1 says:

Why is it that so often “Gluten-Free” often has nothing to do with healthy

robin fire says:

There Is more sugar in it cause ur adding more chocolate then there is in
the original an ur adding less coconuts!!! And there is 2 nuts in each bar
in the original to so there is more sugar in it!!! Not less sugar!!!!

kiaty1 says:

Looks Good, I may try it!

Christopher Pacheco says:

Cause shes fat and stupid

robin fire says:

There are 2 almonds in 1 bar!!! So that means u need to add more coconut
cause ur adding more chocolate then u need to!!!! Some people just don’t

Loren Wit says:

Why do you use corn starch since you aren’t cooking it? Won’t it give the
candy a corn starchy flavor?

xyz6034 says:

Can i skip the confectioner sugar since its sweetened coconut?

lukewarmseamonkey says:


Arctic says:

or……just buy almond joy? I made this and the actual thing is better

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