Homemade Bread Recipes You’ll Never Buy Bread Again Life well lived

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Homemade Bread Recipes You’ll Never Buy Bread Again Life well lived
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robin morales says:

the receipes where are they?

CMAenergy says:

False title no receipts shown just advertising for home made breads

Suesty Situngkir says:

I love bread, especially Bread of Life… Jesus 😍

Mishele Clipper says:

Hahahaha! No recipes?!!!??? Cute one.

H A says:

Very nice 😍✌️

Mary Lu Papada says:


Candy Quinlan says:

Why would I want to subscribe?

susan says:

it seems that if you read the discription the recipes are at some website. What a disappointment. We wouldn't be on YouTube looking if we wanted to go elsewhere.

justa test says:


Mary B says:

Hi ladies I tell you my recipe 3 tablespoons of Dry. yeast 2 cups of warm water 3 tablespoons of sugar. Mix. The. yeats. together with water let it rise and then. put another three glasses of water in it half a teaspoon of salt 1 kg or more flour work on it with youHands and Put more flour. If. you need. Half a cup. Of Mazzola oil. put it on your hands and work with you bread doug. Once it works good on your hands and not sticky leave it on your ball for half an hour and is going to rise more and then work again with your hands MegaMan you shave you want to put on the baking pan leave it for an hour then going to rise again turn your oven on 300/. Half an hour before you bake them. I leave them in the oven for 3/4 of an hour but I check them very often good luck ladies I have been making bread for the last 55 years and if you want your bread to smell nice you can put a little bit of a Caraway in it mix them up with your Doug. Sorry for my English writing I am from Europe

Karen Zilverberg says:

Where are the recipes?

Steve Moon says:

Wow them are some very nice recipes you can't even tell us how to do them

Sydney nguyen says:

Where are the recipes?

Regina Peterson says:

ANd the recipes are????

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