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Roswitha Mansoer says:

can i use dried dates to? 

Rachel A says:

Is this a healthy fig bar? How do I make it a strawberry it blueberry figgy

DMZ67Y2Y2 says:

Howdy from El Paso. Yep pardner ready to make my own Fig bars. You didn’t
specify at the beginning of the video that you were using dried figs. At
least I think they were. My thing though is I have a huge fig tree (14′
high by 13′ wide). I don’t have time to DRY the figs, so I’m going to cook
them, and then try your dough recipe. I will GBTY. 

Lauren Martinez says:

I would rather use strawberry instead of figs

taylor norbie says:

I LOVE fig Newtons and I got a kitchen aid standing mixer a week ago yay!

Emily Gracie says:

my momy and daddy by them all the time im sick of it aaaaaa

LauraVitaleFan says:

I saw you on that food network show with Guy it was sooo cool! I was like I
know that name…

taylor norbie says:

I LOVE fig Newtons

Joe E Dangerously says:

I noticed you kept calling them “cookies.” Don’t you know that a cookie is
a cookie but a Newton is fruit and cake?

(Google it, kids.)

Weelicious says:

Yes, use fresh figs! Blend them up and you probably wont even have to add

Bjørn Gryttingsodegaard says:

We have something similar to this in Norway! Except we do not roll them and
use granola.

breville says:

This makes us so nostalgic! Awesome recipe.

anna ville says:


Chastine Nguyen says:

The dough looks like peanut butter

Weelicious says:

Thank you!

Weelicious says:

You can totally use all purpose flour!

anna ville says:

Am I the only one out of 12 views to comment?

Weelicious says:

I haven’t tested alternative ingredients, but you could probably use a
vegan butter if you wanted!

Weelicious says:

Thank you for watching! I’m sure these will be a hit at home!

LaTanja Jones says:

Hi! I love your vids! Do you have any butter and egg alternatives for this
recipe? Thanks! :)

Weelicious says:

Let me know how you like them!

Weelicious says:

Thank you so much!

Sorgutentarer says:

You look like a rapper with those bracelets. Could we put caramel inside
instead of the fig thing? Fig seeds annoy me.

Weelicious says:

Yes, or add it until it suits your tastes!

Briana Munoz says:

I saw you on the CHEW!!!!

Weelicious says:

Hmmm I think caramel might be a bit too thin, but it is definitely worth a

WhatsUpMoms says:

I can practically smell them through my screen! And I imagine there are so
many filling options! Thanks for sharing.

Weelicious says:

Thank you!

justine2685 says:

Love it!

Weelicious says:

They are delicious!

Weelicious says:

So sweet! Thank you!

TheHotPlate1 says:

So many childhood memories! they look great :) just how i remember them.

Riley B says:

Do you know if you could try to make fruit gummy snacks? I am obsessed with
them, but I know they Arnt really healthy in someway. I was looking for
some ways to eat some that are healthier. Do you think you could try it? If
so I would love that.

Weelicious says:


frillice666 says:

So fantastic, where I live we can’t buy Fig Newtons, and I got addicted to
them on a visit to the States, you’ve made my day:-)

Weelicious says:

Thanks for watching!

Assel Loubani says:


Riley B says:

I can’t wait to make all of your recipes!!!

Jenna Larcon says:

It’s not only what you cook – it’s about creating memories as well! Awesome
memories! Thank you!

Nicole Allen says:

Yes!!! Thank you so much for the recipe! I seriously love these things! I’m
going to have to try this!

Danielle Lopez says:

Hi do you have to use wheat flour can I use all purpose flour

Weelicious says:

I agree! Thank you!

Thao Le says:

I doesn t

Weelicious says:


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