Homemade Meatball and Cajun Red Gravy recipe

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Try Dei Fratelli Tomato sauces at stores near you or vist them online at http://www.deifratelli.com/

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Nina Say says:

i loved your video your voice just has my whole attention…loved learning from you..I'm doing these today thank you for sharing!!

Bob Loblaw says:

Just bought some Dei Fratelli pasta sauce for the first time after using their canned tomatoes for years. Next time I need to use it I will let you know but am looking forward to it if the sauce has the quality of the tomatoes that they sell!

CU Tiger says:

Oven temp and cook time for the meatballs? Better to freeze cooked or uncooked balls? Tx

James Riggs says:

I'm gone get fat watchin" yur posts. I really don't care LOL Thanks again

David Rey says:

I watch and love all your videos you live life to the fullest

bryan lake says:

hey .. JB the meat balls look uh yum . I love meat loaf you think your fine ingredients would work more better . In other words cream instead of eggs .thank you for allowing me in your home .

OneFeistyScorpio says:

JB, I first saw your meatball recipe a few yrs ago and tried it and let me tell everyone, they are YUM! My family now prefers these meatballs over any other. Thanks for teaching us so many good recipes all these yrs JB!

Rod Kirkbride says:

Well done! Dry bread or cream crackers fills these too to turn into patties/burgers. But you gotta add sum ghost chillies.

yoyomcg says:

is there any substitute for evaporated milk? We don't have many evaporated cows up here in canada

Phillip Hill says:

$30.00 a month! that's almost to cheap to meter. Mine runs around $85.00 a month including sewer usage and I pee outside every chance I get LOL! But I'ts worth it not havin to worry about septic tank upkeep and any problems with a well. Meat balls look fantastic! I will be trying this.

lysippus says:

hahahah!  more plumbin' stories!

Xeyedjohn says:

JB plays drums, cooks, and does dishes.  Don't forget JB drinks Pops too.  Oh, and you mentioned in this video somebody asked how much water costs down there, well I may have not been the only one but it was in one my comments boy.

wtglb says:

Haha that was me that asked if water was cheap in Louisiana. My bill runs close to $50 a month and there's just 2 of us, so go ahead and run the water! Going to give the evaporated milk a try , those meatballs look great. Just a suggestion-use parchment paper on your sheet pan , you won't have to use the oil and clean-up will be much easier. Thanks JB!

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