Homemade Peanut Butter Cups | Holiday Chocolate Candy Recipes

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If you want a really easy candy recipe, peanut butter cups is the recipe for you. This chocolate candy is the perfect holiday gift idea. If your looking for more christmas candies, check out these other recipes:

Christmas Candy Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwVCZt9PT9u-BR2ubGbBCE-8DYqMIZB-l

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Helga's Pennsylvania Cooking says:

So making these, my favorite things ever! As for snow, we had 30 inches in March. It could have been worse, LOL. I try not to make much home made candy because THAT, I would eat, LOL.

BaytBushra says:

Loved it! Easy and quick

The Taste of Travel says:

looks yummy! i just subscribed. if u have extra time hope u can visit & support my channel too. thanks a lot.:)

Cricket Wilson-Harris says:

Merry Christmas! This looks so good!!!

Десятка Топ says:

Всем взаимная подписка! Thank you for the wonderful video! Come to us, we also have a new video! All mutual subscription!

LifeBuzzN says:

Two of my favorite ingredients. Nice!!


Looks delicious was actually getting full just watching the video, you're editing is getting a lot sharper to great video.

Little fluffy CAT says:

Wow that was really great video! it looks delicious I'll have to try it😄

Chris M. says:

Amazing, I LOVE peanut butter cups :)
Another super simple and great video!

☃️Happy Holidays🎄

The Cooking Corner says:

Great video spice! It's snowed here to if it makes you feel better haha! this sweet treat look really amazing and simple to make!

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