Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce | Easy Japanese Recipes

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Tonkatsu sauce is a sweet sauce made from fruits and vegetables that is a little like a thicker version of English Worcestershire sauce. While you can buy tonkatsu sauce in Japanese grocers under the Bulldog or Otafuku brands, high end tonkatsu places will always make their own. Try it yourself. This homemade version will change the way you look at tonkatsu.

Full recipe: http://adamliaw.com/recipe/homemade-tonkatsu-sauce/
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MegaAlfies says:

There's nothing I dislike in your videos :) such great work from everyone involved

Adyn Nugroho says:

Hi adam, what is alternate for red wine if i don't want to use red wine or any alcohol??

HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul says:

That is some thicc sauce!
Looks good, will make one. i like my thick sauces.

Elliot Scaramal says:

Do you blend the cloves and allspice?

sargiel111 says:

Sweet! Any chance for java sauce from the scratch for tonkatsu?

Kurt Caro says:

Love your videos! Can you make a cantonese styled chow mien recipe? With fried noodles? <3

Gary Knackstedt says:

I use the recipe for tonkatsu sauce from Miyagi Bento Ya in Sacramento, 1 can of apple juice concentrate, 1 small bottle soy sauce, boil to reduce by half. Tastes awesome.

Dupsy The king says:

thank you very useful

Micah Estes says:

So awesome! Thanks for doing a deep dive on one of the most integral parts of a tonkatsu meal. I've never seen anyone make a tonkatsu sauce from scratch other than mixing "Woostah Soh-su" with ketchup. Can't wait to try this.

Joe Pee says:

Wouldn't a blender with a glass jar be better?

Kane Danaher says:

Adam, what's the difference between tonkatsu sauce and brown sauce (like HP)?

Psyks says:

I feel like I'm watching interstellar with that music as you cook that out-of-this-world sauce. A top-notch video as usual. You seriously deserve more subs!

RJ Gaming says:

Search my channel please|

ThefakeMrChristophel says:

The music is so unnecessarily solumn…

Ryan Poulos says:

The recipe looks really good. Though I do wanna mention that when you were initially going over the ingredients you excluded mentioning the Bay Leaves in the sauce but added them in later. I just wanted to say in case anyone might’ve been confused.

Courtney N says:

Lovely to know how to make it thank you

Skare75 says:

I've only just come across this channel, I have to say that it's masterfully done. Brilliant presentation, great recipes and fantastic videography and sound design. I also find the mood of these videos very calming. Quickly becoming one of my favourites.

Cameron Wilcox says:

Couldn't you also blend with a stick blender into the pan?

nemuineko says:

I’m going to have to make this!!

0330BTK says:

I must point out one thing; it’s not common to make own tonkatsu sauce in Japan. People almost always buy a bottle of the sauce. This video should probably be designated for real cooking freaks.

Nepzd says:

When will adam ever finish roaming around the market in the intro?

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