HOT WATER Desperation Pie | HARD TIMES – recipes from times of scarcity

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This hot #waterpie recipe was sent to my by Lovely Marjorie whose grandmother made it during the Great Depression. Thanks so much for sharing, Marjorie.

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Peonni says:

I read some of the comments. Some asked how they could have some of these ingredients. These Depression recipes might have come from those that had farms or people that may have bartered from them. Also some people probably tried to be as creative as possible to try to make the times easier for their families to cope. As in trying to give them some resemblance to treats like they had in less lean times. There are also many recipes out there that show how to use the plants that grow around us still today. I encourage everyone to do research and learn what you can eat and what plants are poison. We are headed into even more desperate times soon, maybe even another Great Depression! Don't panic, just prepare. Stock up! Get books that teach you new ways to use what is around you. Go online and copy what you can in case the grid goes down, which could for any number of reasons. The more that prepare, the less that will be desperate in the coming times.

Peonni says:

I had to laugh when Emmy was struggling with the food processor…too cute!

Edna Armstrong says:

Could you warm a tall glass, glass, invert it over the stick of butter,wait until softened.


Emmy speaks as though she's whispering-lovely.

simon trodd says:

Loving the sound affects

fe online says:

A relative of mine taught me how to make a dessert from the Great Depression. It was just pie crust with brown sugar sprinkled on it. When you bake it, the sugar kind of caramelizes. It was good. You can make it from leftover pie dough or pie dough scraps so that you don't waste any. If you have cinnamon, then that's good sprinkled on it, but not necessary. I can't remember what he called it.

222ckc says:

Every year for my birthday I want a buttermilk pie (which is pretty similar to this) instead of a cake! Recipe has come down through my Southern family for generations.

Victoria 666 says:

I wonder if we can actually replace water with milk to make the pie more creamy

Pat Cavanaugh says:

That's a beautiful pie. You are a cutie pie. I am a grandma with four daughters and five granddaughters. Thanks for your uplifting, awesome videos.

Pat Cavanaugh says:

If you don't have a rolling pin, just fill an empty soda bottle 3/4 full with water and lay it down in the freezer until it's completely frozen. When you use it for pie dough, it will keep the dough cold and it will be flaky, not tough. Be sure he bottle is dry, not sweaty. Flour it.

Jac says:

Why don't you use a butter dish and keep butter on the counter at all times in it?

Deb Ketelsen says:

I think adding a bit of lemon zest would make a very interesting variation of this pie.

Angela Forsyth says:

grating or slicing the cold butter also works

CS_FL says:

try some corn starch with the flour… about half/half. makes for more texture.

Amanda Bogue says:

I know this video is, like, a year old but I have a recipe that I've made many times from the depression era. It's a chocolate cake made with flour, cocoa powder, water and vinegar. No eggs, milk, or butter. ๐Ÿ˜€

Vickii Bendit says:

I make vinegar pie all the time. Itโ€™s my oldest sonโ€™s all time favorite pie to eat. When I make it, I have to make one just for him if he and his family are here visiting. As a child, he would ask for one instead of a cake for his birthday.

GamerGuy51 says:

Soften butter….. Stand up in the middle of the microwave… Set to twenty…enjoy softened not melted butter.

Tuyen Vo says:

when im broke the only thing im eating is sleep. usually holds me until the morning

Hannah Doxtader says:

Butter won't soften fast enough? Just beat it into submission ๐Ÿ˜‚

Aliyah Pulido-Roman says:

As soon as I saw there was gonna be egg-based filling involved, my brain went to Avatar the Last Airbender. I LOVE egg custard/egg pudding!๐Ÿ˜‹
Aang: Is that… egg custard in that tart???๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿฅง

Ashlee DeHart says:

My nana makes this gooey butter cake and Iโ€™m 90% sure itโ€™s just the cake version of this pie and it is amazing but she used like double the butter so itโ€™s stomach-churningly rich

Bruce Brock says:

She is just so cute ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™

robin gibson says:

Where can I find the video for making cast iron pan like a nonstick pan ?

Anton Chigurh says:

Ha! Hot water? We couldn't afford hot water!! I remember back in the day we were so poor we didn't even have crackers and thus had to eat caviar with a spoon straight from the can….

Ruii YT says:

In Philippines we call that " Egg Pie " every filipino loves that pie! <3

James TheLaughingWitch says:

Omg shes the Bob Ross of food!

Ezio Augustus says:

stop eating eggs, they're disgusting

Chairman Meow says:

Im sad it wasnt a pie with water as a filling

durinda au says:

I just watched Paula Dean make a water pie it was somewhat different in that it didnโ€™t have any eggs, and it did have vanilla. Oh my I love custard pie. Love your crust recipe.

Lorraine B says:

Real butter and eggs were hard to come by in the depression era, unless you had a farm nearby or lived on one.

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