Houtou (local speciality from Yamanashi)|かぼちゃの種で出汁を取る!野菜たっぷりのほうとう Japanese Vegan Recipe

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Houtou is a very unique dish andI love Houtou! If I choose one my favourite dish at the last moment of my life, I would probably select Houtou haha:)

Houtou is a regional cuisine from Yamanashi prefecture, which is located next to Mt. Fuji. The people in the area have had a good access to the clear, fresh water and they utilised the water to grow amazingly tasty vegetables. By using a variety of vegetables they could harvest in Autumn, they developed this Houtou recipe around 500 years ago.

I have never seen Houtou outside of Japan and even in Japan, it’s not easy to find a place to eat Houtou. One possibility you can enjoy Houtou may be to cook by yourselves with my recipe:)

Enjoy the unique taste! You would love it!!:)





Enjoy cooking!!


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300g flower
150ml water

*Main soup
6L water
pumpkin seeds
dried shiitake

1 pumpkin
2-3 carrots
1 welsh onion
3 mushrooms
1 onion
1/2 napa cabbage

3tbsp white miso
2tbsp red miso
1tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp sake
cayenne pepper


強力粉 300g
水 150ml

水 6L

かぼちゃ 1個
にんじん 2ー3本
ねぎ 1本
きのこ 3つ
たまねぎ 1つ
白菜 1/2個

白味噌 大さじ3
赤味噌 大さじ2
醤油 大さじ1
酒 大さじ1


Please use as much local, organic and seasonal vegetables as possible in your town! It makes your dish more tasty and better for the environment. I bought all vegetables for this recipe from this farm in Kiel, Germany.

Bioland Hof Großholz:

When I lived in Tokyo, I often went to the organic farm here and harvested vegetables by myself! They also offer some workshops and lectures.

Kamoshida Farm:


Music from my great friend, Masato Shimokajiya:
Email: shimoshimo0130@gmail.com


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Microphone: Rode VideoMic Pro Rycote VMPR
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC

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Cat's Cradle Fun Club says:

1 秒前
Thank you for your inspirational recipe.
I'll try this recipe.
Mine tønder løber i vand. (My teeth are swimming) 🤤🍲

Lola says:

sooo relaxing

TOKYOYO Japan-Johanna says:

Looking forward to trying this vegetable stew. I just lived for 2 years in Japan, and miss the Japanese food. (I’m not a vegan but) found it difficult to find food without animal ingredients in Japan, so thanks for sharing your recipes. Your videos are lovely!

Vera Weissenbacher says:

Hi Aki! Thanks so much for what you do – I'm so happy to see somebody making english vegan japanese cooking videos with local ingredients that I have access to as well.
I wish you all the best with your channel!

kathleen swenning says:


Poca Moana says:

Thanks for sharing! Looks delicious! I will try to cook your recipes. Are there any kind of basic ingredients or kitchen tools that you would recommend a beginner buying? Thanks!

Estefania Medina Muñoz says:

lovely video

Tristan Devereaux says:

Looks wonderful!!

Songbird Melody says:

My daughter and I made this soup this evening. The only change we made was using a kabocha squash Because all the pumpkins were way too large. And I’ve read before the Kabota squash is a Japanese pumpkin. We were both blown away with the flavor of the soup. It will become a staple in our home I have never tasted such a wonderful blend of flavors. I thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

Songbird Melody says:

I am so very glad I found your channel on YouTube two days ago. This was the recipe I saw, but I had to save it to watch as I was at work. Today so far I have watched two recipes. Both I need to try. Thank you so much for sharing. I also love the history behind the dishes. Again thank you. I have to make this I’m going to make the trip into the city so I can buy sake I have a feeling that most of your recipes will have it so I want to have the recipe at the same :-)

Homestyle Recipes says:

Awesome video
Subscribed ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Nia Garcia says:

I love it! Thank you!

Janek B. says:

Really 6 liter of water?

livingsouljourney says:

What kind of pot you served the soup in? Beautiful will make it for my family this weekend?—peace , living soul journey

Kiddos Kitchening says:

Wow! Great video! Looks amazing! Congratulations on 1000 subs that was really quick! Love the different angles they make it so relaxing!

Kasia Wyszomierska says:

This looks AMAZING : D I would love to try it : ) And I love the fact that you make a short introduction and give some information about the dish, I really appreciate that ^^

Libellenmaedchen says:

Hey! Thanks for the video – may I ask you wich flower you could recommend?

Grant Brewer says:

i love you aki your videos are so good, and it is great to see authentic Japanese recipes that are also vegan!!!

Magpie says:

Lovely recipe. Just a note, flower should be flour. :)

JPA Lucid Imaging says:

Amazing work :)

Mimi Flieder says:

I still had a pumpkin lying around and was wondering what to do with it – I guess I have found my answer!

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