How A 51 Year Old VEGAN Trains + Workout Food Tips

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Ryan shares the climax of the 3 month workout regime he’s been making his vegan gains with at the gym, complete with his pre & post workout nutrition.

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Brenda Stubbings says:

That looks way to hard on your knees at 51 years old should be looking after your knees ..

Vegan Pajamas says:

damn im 26 , lean and i cant do this stuff
AT ALL. nice gains sir

All Nat. Cat says:

Gordon Ramsay Veganuary fail! He did an epsiode on the "Hot Ones" chicken flesh eating channel.

Paula's Life says:

OMG careful you don't jump your knee out of its socket… I did major knee damage after years of this stuff

Paul Crosley says:

Well Done! There is a guy in his 80s at our local gym who won his age class in body building. He now coaches people 1/3 his age on proper form. Looks like your on your way!

Syrah Smythe says:

51 is NOT too old to be doing this kind of workout. I had a conversation with my 75 year old vegan dad (who still does 15 mile hikes) and he told me that he was in his best ever shape and pushed himself hardest in his 50's. I'm in my mid 40's and am in the best shape of my life…I'm way more fit than when I was 15, 25 or 35. Keep going Ryan!!!

Zeljko Rajcevic says:

Hahaha this is hilarious

Gabbe chico says:

Ryan – your knees is woombeling in when u push up, and u using a light weight, try to keep those knees out all the way.

Bridget Young says:

Wow!! This is so inspiring! Youโ€™re in excellent physical shape. Feel great!!

Cameron Acheson says:

Have you guys seen the new Canada Food Guide? Seems like a big step toward a more vegan friendly society. Would love your thoughts about this in a video. Thanks :)

Andrea Cuppycake says:

Youโ€™re kicking ass! All the form police can calm down haha. Youโ€™re just here showing what can be done at a vegan diet, at any age. Not claiming youโ€™re perfect at everything.

axisaudio says:

Hey Ryan, I was in your live stream when Bart Kay Nutrition Science Watchdog was trolling you the other day. He debated a vegan doctor and royally embarrassed himself. Thought you might be interested.

Nourished says:

Looks hard! I don't know many men in the their 50's that are this healthy!

pdude1911 says:

Great work dude! Usually when I go to the gym it's one or two hours after breakfast, which is almost always a massive bowl of oatmeal. Immediately afterwards and before riding my bicycle back home I'll have one liter of water and a Clif bar :-) Or some other type of vegan grain/fruit/nut bar. Salute from The Netherlands!

Pingu says:

Great video, just a pointer, with the chin ups, you should try fully extending your arms all the way to a dead hang, its a lot more challenging and will cut the amount you can do in half

Greg Mccarter says:

im 58 and all you need to do is stairmaster …i do 45 min at level 8 with no locking arms…trust me thats all you need….do it 5 days a week

Levi Dahl says:

Definitely a pretty intense looking workout! I'm curious how you normally do chin ups and pull ups, you might benefit from letting you body go all the way down each rep even if you can't do as many. You'll recruit your late/back muscles as well as a fuller range for your biceps. Keep putting out the great content!

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