How I Make My Favorite Japanese Food In Winter • Tasty

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Make Rie’s favorite Japanese foods this winter!

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Victoria rum says:

When I think of mochi my mind immediately goes to jimin

Linda Yamawaki says:

During winter nabe is cooked very often. In Japan, there are many kinds of ready-made soups selling in supermarkets. So it helps not to feel bored with the same taste. I like kimchi soup as its spicy. This is very easy cooking as you just cut the vegetables whatever you like and add meat or fish then pour the soup and cook till vegetables get soft.

tubagoo dom says:

Sooo much sugar!

ParamAmber says:

Man Japanese culture is amazing I’ve always wanted to go

the unicorn pony Carol B UwU says:

Everybody gangsta until the mochi becomes alive

samira müller says:

I love the japanese culture especially their food!!!
sadly i often can't find the needed ingredients to make those dishes :(

Jeanelle Laroza says:

wait shes from hiroshima??

Valerie Pérez says:

Is no one going to say that she is identical to Colette de ratatouille?!

stoned_senpai says:

Unpopular opinion:- Japanese food is bland and tasteless

TheGreyEevee * says:

These all look fabulous and delicious for the holidays. I may do the trend myself, for fun. It looks yummy.

Zhi Qi Yeoh says:

Malaysia don't have no winter here…………… :'(

ouch please help get the cross off says:

Rie: exists
Everybody liked that

Kate Henry says:

Everyone: The mochi is floating!!!!

Me: Uraraka??

Somewhere Upthere says:

There's something I've noticed about Japanese cooking. The meat is rarely browned, the meat is usually boiled in some way. Or deep fried. In the west, we very often brown meat by BBQ, rotisserie, or just fried. I'm not sure I've ever bitten into meat fat that wasn't just about liquified.

Jahnessa Baggs says:

I made radon stuff

Ice Ice Baby says:

even the carrots look fancy

marielle donato says:

who else watches Rie this quarantine season xD

aestheticxmuse says:

She makes food look so pretty that i dont want to eat it BUT I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW

Cindy Morse says:

Oden. One of my favorite dishes.

Kefalonia Christina says:

0:41 hahaahaahahahahah How it looks like??

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