How I Make My Favorite Japanese Recipes

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pikimori says:

you're very cute, rie!!! i'm glad you feel more confident.

Shrimp Fried rice says:

I actually can relate to udon because I love udon honestly my mother calls me undo girl now

Emily Richardson says:

She needs her own channel!😍

Michael Karpinski says:


rachel.doremi says:

Are you kidding me?!!??!!!?? You're accent is awesome!!!! I say, if you understand, I don't see what's different

rachel.doremi says:

"I still won" – hahahaha, ME!!!!!

fox soderquist says:

Hi Rie you said that you were self conscious about ur accent I just wanted to let u know i specifically search for you because of ur accent ur doing a great job keep it up <3.

Tirta Amerta says:

I came here to watch japanese foods and I got story as a bonus which is so encouraging me ❀

amanda feliciano says:

Rie is so cute she’s such a wholesome person

Super PP S u c c says:

Whenever she speaks I always have a feeling of peace and happiness

Dan Way says:

<3 Rie! So simple even for a student πŸ˜€

Sakinah Na says:

My brain hurt!!!

Error 404 Gaming says:

You should make your own channel

Chloe Allen says:

Rice with ketchup is my favorite. I ate it in Philippines as well.

Alan Joy says:

When I see Rie , Japanese porn comes to my mind

bek flood says:

I have a friend who is really self conscious about her thick Chinese accent. What should I tell her?

Petalic TM says:

There is mister dougnut in Thailand too!!

Sukey Humphries says:

Awww this was so sweet Xx

ΠŸΠ΅ΡΠ΅Ρ† says:

I love how positive the comments section is on all Rie videos. She's just universally loved and it's so wholesome.

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