How to BBQ boil Crawfish Cajun Style

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With Pulled pork butts, Banana pudding, Pig Skins, Boudin balls.
Last years boil is here:
Next years boil is here:

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Plenty of Cajun & Creole recipes, History & tips ate The Gumbo Pages:

Links to other footage shot at the party here!
From haftafish8780 (Joe G.)
From TangoSpiceCompany (Joe M.)

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I would love to come down there and help out any way I can. I would even bring "pops".

Creative Inspirations says:

Hey boy I want to meet with you someday

KangBang81 says:

Next Crawfish boil you have, invite me, and I'll bring some sweet corn and Porterhouse steaks from Omaha, Nebraska. :)

Bob Loblaw says:

Hey JB- Are those "Autobahn" boxes in the background around 21:20 of the vid your salute to the film The Big Lebowski?

bronx chick says:

I like his vids cause he's funny..he is better than people tryn to explain what they are doing and not talking bout nothing.. I rather hear someone talk out loud to themselves and make sense. I feel like I was a fly on the wall watching his vids. thanks

M Kisner says:

Ain't nobody ever seen any Pork Rinds before?

GuhDassHim says:

And This Is Why I Love Being From Louisiana

Juan Torres says:

we call those pig skins "Chicharrones" here in Puerto Rico.

doug marcus says:

"fresh out of the box" lol

doug marcus says:

guy sounds like strother martin

troy Roach says:

trying your burl recipe this weekend in let you know we are excited to , trap our own and enjoy your recipe.

Bryan Owens says:

How much crawfish how many potatoes and corn do you think you can get a 60 quart pot

Daren Copely says:

jb. been trying to contact you. i am trying to make you a gorgeous website for your growing cooking channel. do you have an email where we could talk? i would do it at cost. love your backyard btw

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