How To Cook Boneless Fish – Battered Fish Recipe – Simple Fish Recipes For Two – Apollo Fish indian

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How To Cook Food For Two Persons Tasty And Yummy Apollo Fish Cutting Indian Food Recipe Finger Licking Is Good ,We Will Be Cooking A Battered Fish Also Post Best Food Recipes Tips Easy Making It With Lots Of Love Easy Way To Cook In Indian Film Media Entertainment Specially For Those Who Want To Know New I Idea’s For Their Better Career

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Shay Johnson says:

yummy looks so good and spicy

Life of Natural Foods says:

Wow! Very big fish for cooking food.

Kabita Sarmah says:

Appears to be very tasty

bpanther says:


Sundaresan surya says:

very super tasty cooking method.

Chriszlaststand says:

Giant Snakehead fish.Fresh water species very aggressive predators. They are a indigenous to Southeast Asia, Thailand. Very cool fish.

Sulav Thapa says:

your hand is too black. wash your hand before you cook something.

Shantanu Sharma says:

70 vegetarians watched this video 😁

Nechy Monzon says:

Thank You for video it looks so good I am going to make it with chicken

James Pitzel says:

Damn, that's fine looking fried fish!

Punjabi Village Food Factory says:

nice video dear keep it up subscribe my channel

Navneet singh says:

wow yummy fish

Stephanie Graham says:

why do you call it bonless I see bones

Roashni Chauhan says:

nice detailed and wonderfully simplified. thanks for video.

dekhi says:

As a fishy guy i liked it vry much. & now one day Iwill cook the shol fish in the same manner .thank u for the recipi I have learned. TARIQUE.

Ehteram Siddiqui says:

Better you cut your long nails

ajay khatri says:

ya i enjoy the way he separate fish bone and flesh. great video

Marco Bozzo says:

wunderbar, excellent

katam raj says:

where is this placeee in anhra pradesh

Adil Khan says:

looks yammy

Black love says:

looks very tasty, I must try it for myself

Johnathan Adorno says:

you burned the living hell out of that garlic lol

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