How to cook Cajun style Crawfish Bisque

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The Roll-Royce of all Cajun meals! Recipe here:

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thoms_here says:

You DA MAN!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Called in sick today,been watchin 4-5 of your vids so far,their all great,drinkin some good beers,cheers,whats up spring fling,not on Facebook.

cayogator says:

my grand ma mere in Bunkie made this, but she stuffed the heads with this mixture !!!! wtf ? lol

GothSauce Productions says:

Well shit… Which damn recipe do I make now? This looks great, but the first one you uploaded looked tasty as well. I guess I have 2 kinds to try.

TheMsLady4Real says:

Mr. J.B. gas or electric cooktop? What do you prefer?

Yliyah Hawkins says:

….no you didn't mention Rocky and Bullwinkle….."but borus we must kill Moose and squirrel"…..

wingingit46 says:

Just found you on youtube. I think you are hilarious and got some good recipes too. I gost to try me this recipe.

Ami Actually Cooks says:

Good Job …. You cut down the cooking time a lot. I grew up in Southern Louisiana eating Crawfish Bisque …. Your accent brings me back to the days of my childhood. I love my state. Nobody's food can compare ! Louisiana is where it's at …

Victoria Elizabeth Grace says:

I love how you pronounce Vegetables-veggy tables :)

Luke Pate says:

Looks great JB !!!! My friend who i work with from Church Point,LA. is throwing a Craw fish boil party next weekend at his place.I went last year and had never been to one before.Whooh it was a blast !!!!!!! We all pitched in and bought 40 pounds of crawfish.We went to bed at 4am and i came home Sunday and slept all day,I Guarantee !!!!!!!! :):):):)

Anonymoose says:

Lookin' outrageously good! I've gotta start on a quest here to see if I can snag some crawfish. We're not that damn far away as the boat flies.

Garnett McLay says:

Oh no I just wondered sounds like it would taste good , Oh ya not a prob That video is hilarious one of the funniest I ever seen .

gasman says:

i would kill for dat stve jb

Garnett McLay says:

Have you ever thought of doing a white rice and crawfish crushed tomato diced bacon and wrap it like a cabbage rolls and bake them I never had them before sounds good then you can add your spice in the rice & such , Just wondering ;; Did you get the Email I sent ya funniest thing I ever watched Let me know if not I`ll re send it .

sexidork2001 says:

Now thats Cajun Food Porn. Haha I have to make this!

lysippus says:

where does all the intake air come from when that exhaust fan is on? sucking out all the air conditioned air

jasongar8 says:

That looked awesome JB. If I can find some tails here in middle TN I'm makin me some of that.

Ellis Ingram (Southerntater79) says:

Another great video, thanks again JB

CWC4 says:

great video my friend enjoyed every minute of it.

rmurray248 says:

Absolutely awesome! That looked so good I feel like flying to Louisiana for dinner!

Stacey Schroeder says:

HEY JB ….. I always look forward to your cooking man. finishes the day off nice.

Bird of The Hermes says:

Yeah she is a cajun,a Tabor,oh but dat Betemps blood runs deep,again love your cooking all the way!!! JB

Bird of The Hermes says:

Mulagan stew ,guess thats the correct spelling boy

Bird of The Hermes says:

What bout that ole mugglan stew,pook stew wit turnips Boy,maw maw Dot used to make a bisque like dat too

Trumpetnote says:

Could you put that dressing mix inside a sausage casing then smoke it in your smoker? Would it turn out like a crawfish sausage?

King Klar says:

sweet, JB make a video 😀

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