How To Grill Boneless Chicken Breasts

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Gonçalo Neves says:

I want to know how to do that sauce in the begining

Maira Imtiaz says:

Nicely cooked good job

Maira Imtiaz says:

Nicely cooked. good job

shojaei8 says:

God that looks delicious !!!

Thumpur69 says:

What is a medium heat???

Chris Z says:

i always over cook my chicken because i’m scared of having it under cooked
and getting salmonella! i hate it, it’s always dry

Austin Martin says:

the marinade sauce is in the description…


I did the marinade in the description but it looks different?

John Bednarek says:

Fantastic advice. I used a basic oil and paprika seasoning and it worked
perfectly. Dont forget to let the chicken sit, covered in foil, for 5 to
10 minutes.

Shauna kos says:

This was the best instruction video. Im a terri le cook but im learning.
Your tips were so helpful! Thank you!

redmond424 says:

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Rizaloo's Corner says:

Gonna try this out now. Last time my breasts were way overcooked and I
received the fckyou eyes from the wife.

Ray Kodiak says:

How To Grill Boneless Chicken Breasts

Big Show says:

Made it last night for dinner, really good! Thanx

len sel says:

omg this tasted really good…thank you so much

Natalie Smalls says:

Very Helpful

Byron Turnbow says:

at the end he said it had “smokey grill flavor”. No smoke on a gas grill.
might as well use a skillet.

Tyler Nodine says:

thanks… for the first time in my life, i grilled perfect chricken breasts
tonight without turning them into hockey pucks.

Sporty Classic says:

My Grill has heat everywhere so I flatten them out first.

Alex Shanks says:

“I’m gonna make YOU a better gorilla!”

Wheatland Fireplace says:

What’s for supper? Chicken?
How To Grill Boneless Chicken Breasts

Mr Skittles says:

I do not like breast with grill marks


we grill a lot of chicken breasts.i will try your technique for sure and
the marinade too.

Prime Flavors Grill & Catering says:

Check this video out for grilling tips. 

Mallory Yaldo says:

I was curious about whether you recommend grilling BSCB over direct or
indirect heat. In your video you mention direct heat but on your website it
says to use indirect heat.

For reference, here’s the link to your site where I found the mention of
indirect heat:


Joe Smith says:

man those were perfect!

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