How To Grill Boneless Pork Chops –

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While I have to admit, I’m usually a sucker for a big, fat, bone-in pork chop, these little boneless guys are so easy to cook they often capture my attention. The thinness, and absence of a dense bone, means they are fast to cook. And while they may not back the same flavor as their bone in cousins, they still taste (when cooked right) really great. Particularly, if you grill them (of course they are great baked too).


But all too often what should be a flavorful, tender, juicy chop, gets absolutely hammered on the grill and ends up more hockey puck than succulent chop. Or if undercooked, you get you get an under cooked, gray, flabby and raw chop. Either way it’s no good.

Well the good news, is that grilling these chops is actually really simple. And if you learn just a few techniques – which are actually the same for almost all grilled meat – you’ll have them turn out perfect every time. With awesome looking grill marks, great flavor and tender, juicy meat.

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PowerLifting 101 says:

Slicing with a knife on the layer of fat on the side of the chop can help it not curl up during cooking

Jack McCoy says:

I just used your tutorial and blew the whole family away. Now I know how to grill them awesomely.

Christopher H says:

Brine your pork chops for about 3 hours before grilling, makes them even better!

Andy Black says:

must be cold ina kitchen yo

Joel Allison says:

Covered or uncovered?

Boneless Pizza says:

I had a cook off last night and everyone said my pork chops were really really good thanks to you

Kyle Maciejewski says:

My pork chops turned out great! Thanks to this guys video!

DrMario Pepper says:

It’s really 140 for pork?

peter hennig says:

Very well done 👍👍

rhyanrose1 says:

Perfect for dinner tonight. Thank you!

Anthony says:

Looks good but I have never once cared about presentation of the food. It's the flavor that matters not how the dish looks

Mr Marshall Ck says:

Thanks for showing me bro👍 I hope she's love it… 2018.. Yeah👍✌

bigdave1029 says:

That's gonna make the fat edible…..BEYOND EDIBLE!! 🤣✌️

Anthony Ragan says:

I love boneless pork chops, but don't have a grill. Do I remember right that you did a video about making these on the stove top?

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